Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thanks for Prayers


Well this week interesting! We met a few new people and they are awesome, but we still haven't had any investigators come to church... But, We did have 2 Inactive families come and another inactive sister! That definitely made it all worth it! It was awesome! Its always the best feeling to have someone you have been teaching attend all the meetings! Anyway, I have an awesome missionary story that you all need to hear/experience. So. Let the games begin. Do you remember Sister Lina who i mentioned last week and she is a crazy Seventh Day Adventist? Yeah so we met her again.... And it was so crazy this time. Man. Okay so we literally tried everything. Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and she was basically just yelling at us about how even the Book of Mormon says to keep the Sabbath day holy. So elder Olohan pulls out the Bible dictionary and I guess somehow she has a copy of our churches bible so she pulls hers out and we read a few of the paragraphs. Her interpretation of it was the strangest thing I have ever heard. It talks about how there is such a thing as "revealed Religion" and she goes off about how that is saying that Man changed the Sabbath and not God. Then after more apostate interpretations she finally yells "WHO WROTE THIS!" while she was pointing at it and we were like uhh and then she screams again "GOD WROTE THIS!!!" And at that moment my testimony grew so much stronger. Because our church is the one that wrote the Bible Dictionary. Was it Bruce R Mcconkie? I think so.. I don't remember. Anyway. It was awesome. We didn't tell her that though. We let her finish her violent opinions of the Sabbath day, and then bore testistmony and left. She always asks us to come back though. No idea why. I think she is possessed. Just kidding. But really she might be. Anyway. it was hilarious but awesome and it made me so grateful to have a Prophet of God that receives revelation for us and the church!

Well other than that we found a way cool family to teach. One problem. the Grandma doesn't want her kids coming to our church. Such a pain. Hopefully her heart will be softened as we continue to teach. Also we got a referral from one of the Bishopric members. His Nephew. Way cool kid but doesn't really care for Religion. That will soon change! He was way nice though. I am excited to teach him. Also this week we were out street contacting and I had "the Feeling" to talk to this sister and so we did. Turns out she is an inactive member since like 1996. Taught her about The 2 great commandments in the law. She is really nice and I hope to be able to help her and her family! 

Also another miracle. So my Stomach problems are basically gone. I was having some way bad stomach pains for the last couple of weeks and nothing was helping, but randomly one day it just kind of stopped. Its still there every once in a while but no where near as bad as it was. So to all those who were and are praying for me, Thank you!

Well I love it here in the Philippines. Definitely I want to go back to India but this place is wonderful and the people are very kind. Tagalog is.... fun... Still cant speak it but I can understand a lot now. Sort of. Thanks for all your prayers and all that you have done for me! So many blessing are coming every week! Also Ryan Happy Birthday! When the heck did you get a girlfriend and why were Mom and Dad the first ones to tell me?? Update me you Gentile! Also Matt and Chris good luck with the tests! and Dad with work! And the rest of the fam and your endeavors! Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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