Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wild Week

George the Flattened Gecko in the Door

George's skeleton
Well this week was Interesting. Soo to start. We had a small St. Patricks day celebration. Pretty awesome.
Those pictures are gross. Got some awesome fake mustaches from Elder Christensens mother who sent him a package. Then On Tuesday a bunch of the elders in our Zone went and we all helped the sister move their apartment. They had so much stuff. My arms hurt so bad. It was solid. I installed the toilet. Planning on being a plumber when I get home now. Anyway. It was cool. We set Andrew with a baptism date for April 11. I hope that works out. he is a way cool guy. Except he didn't come to church yesterday. I guess he had to go out of town for a day or 2. But yeah. We are teaching this new guy named Jessie and he is cool. His neighbors were laughing at him for talking to us though so we are gonna go and teach his neighbors tomorrow. About Outer Darkness. Joke. But he is a way nice guy.
Hope he will progress. Umm yeah then Satan tried to burn our house down no joke. So Sunday was a way crazy day! After Church we came back to the house and there was a ton of smoke and we were like oh mann. But the other elders were there and told us to look out the back door. I guess there was a huge fire in the field behind our house and it literally came like 5 feet away from our apartment. (see pictures)
But yeah it was nuts. Our house is definitely being protected. Pretty cool. Well. then. After that we went and picked up some members for exchange. As we were on our way to an appointment when we see this girl start to cross the road and then this kid comes out of no where on his bicycle and slams into her and flies off the bike and into some rocks. We ran over and he was unconscious. Fortunately one of our neighbors is an Australian. He is also a paramedic. haha but he gave us his number like 3 days ago in case we ever had a problem. So we called him up and he flies up there in his ambulance and we pack the kid up and Phil (the Australian) tells us we need to come because we
Fire up to house
were witnesses. So for the first time in my life and hopefully the last, We were flying through downtown Tarlac in an ambulance. So sick. The kid is okay as far as we know. We stayed and he got an x ray and nothing too serious. So after like 2 hours we got him back into the ambulance and took him home. We met his family and its Just his dad and his brother there. Way nice guy though. We are going to try and visit tomorrow and teach them. God works in Mysterious ways. Hopefully this is one of them!

Pretty crazy week! It was fun though. No news on the visa. I will probably die here. just kidding. But I might be here for a while. My Tagalog is Pitiful. I can bear small testimony though. Thats cool. I understand a lot more than I speak. Weird. Um yeah stomach is currently blowing up. No idea what is wrong with it. Either the parasite is angry that I tried to kill him or he now has a few friends. More to come on that. Umm. Life is swell. We are struggling to get people to church. We are working on ways to help them get there.  Well yeah. Love you all. Proud of you all. I am praying for you all. Love you

Elder Checketts
Experiment with hot dog, eggs and rice
Comp Study

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