Sunday, February 22, 2015

This week in Tarlac

Hello Family!
Well another week gone by in the Philippines! This week was alright. We have 2 investigators with a baptism date. One sister named Arlene and another named Rika. They are really cool but we aren't sure how serious they are yet. We will see. We are doing so much finding in our area. It is really painful. But we are talking to a lot of people So its good. We met with one Older sister named Lina this last week. She is a hard core seventh day Adventist. Man she is so confused. We tried so many things and showed so many scriptures. She ended up telling us that she believes that the book of Mormon is true... but that she doesn't believe Joseph Smith is a prophet..... Soooo Explain that one to me. I have no Idea. We ended up bearing testimony and just told her to read and pray about Joseph Smith. Solid.
Well yeah. We are having fun here in Tarlac. I bought a soccer ball last week. It has been glorious. Almost broke everything in our house but its fine. Worth it. Just kidding. But really. Its so nice to play a little again. This morning I remembered how bad I am at basketball! We played early this morning and I mad a 3 pointer... that was cool. Then I missed like 15 other shots. Everyone here is really good at basketball cuz thats all they play. Literally everywhere we go there are people playing on dirt courts. Its insane. Members play at the church literally every night! I wish we could join them! I want to get people playing futbol! Anyway. Life is swell. Have you guys heard of Balout? Its like famous here and all the missionaries hate it. I guess its a fertilized  duck egg and they eat it. I hear its gross. but I want to try it. Maybe this week.
Well this week was rough. I had to use toilet paper. Oh man it was awful. Took so much time and it was painful.I am using a bucket when i get home. I really wonder why i ever liked toilet paper. Its terrible. Anyway. I cant able to speak Tagalog at all still. I kind of gave up on it. I need to repent and try again. The words are so hard to say! Like Pananumpalataya means Faith. Ridiculous. Most people understand a little bit of English here though. Or at least i think they do. They all act like they understand and then I ask a question and they just sit there... So then my companion translates. Fun stuff. The church is still true though. no worries. Whit Happy birthday! Sorry I am a terrible family member and have like forgotten like everyones birthdays. Repentance. Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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