Monday, March 9, 2015

Good News. I have a Parasite!

Hey Everyone!

Well this week was a little slower than usual but still good! We taught some awesome lessons this week! So I went on an exchange with Elder Tucci this week! He finishes his mission in 4 days! And he is from Australia. Way cool guy! We taught some awesome lessons to sister Arlene. She really wants to join the church but has a hard time actually coming to the church. We taught about what she wants in life and in order to be happy we have to keep all the commandments. I dunno it was really good. Her Husband ended up coming and talking to us about the church and wanted to come also. Unfortunately Our meeting was "Gatorless." Anyway. It was a good lesson. Also we went and taught brother Willy about the BoM. Man it was awesome! We read Chapter 31 of 2 Ne. with him and we applied it directly to him. It was way cool. At the end he was like wow this is really true. And we were like YES! Although that clicked in his mind he wasn't able to come to church. Sad. It was a fun week though. We had a missionary fireside and the other elders in our Ward did most of it. It was good though. We talked about unity between Missionaries and members. So important! 

Well I have bad and good news. Bad news. My stomach went crazy again. Good news. I have a parasite! But I am taking pills that kill them and so I am feeling a lot better! So yes this week is transfer week here but they wont tell us what will happen until Wednesday! I am pretty sure that my companion and I are staying here though! No news on the Visa. Some elders have told me that there are crazy things happening in India. I guess there is a big revolt with all the Hindu's trying to convert all the Christians back to Hinduism. They are not allowed to street contact or talk to random people anymore. Hopefully that all clears up when I get back there! We will see. Well all is well here in Tarlac. I dunno if I have told you about our area? Its part of the city and one part is called San Isidro where we do most of our work and another area called Santo Cristo. A lot of our area is businesses so its pretty hard to find in some areas. But San Isidro is really good. lots of houses. Lots of "Sqauter" houses. Means that they dont own the land and they just built a small house out of random stuf. and they are "squating" until they get kicked out. Kinda wild but lots of good people! Well yeah I am about out of time. Love you all. Sorry I am bad at answering questions/emailing in general. Take care!

Elder Checketts

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