Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beef Curry


How is everyone? Life in India is still basically the same. I sweat like 2 liters everyday. Man on Wednesday this week it was like 120 degrees. I wanted to die it was so hot outside. Anywho. This week was much slower than past weeks. We found out that our main investigator has a word of wisdom problem so that was kinda lame. But we have like 5 people set for baptism on the 2nd. I am so pumped for today. We are going to an FHE with the Mongamuri Family and they are going to tech us how to cook beef curry. I am pumped out!It should be really really good. I hope it doesnt give me loose motions. Anywho. Yeah. Nothing really happened this week. Saw more people going to the bathroom in the streets. I almost got hit by a bus too. That was fun. Bus drivers are the meanest people. We have some solid investigators. Hopefully they get baptized next month. We failed miserably. Next month we will do really well though. 

Family how is everything? Is ryan still doing well in Minnesota? How is Chris doing? Are you in Tennesee yet? Crazy stuff man. Mother Father? How is life? Work? Man how is the new TV? Thats crazy. Matt and Whit and Noah! How are you guys holding up?? Hope you are happy and well! You guys are probably so tired!
Well the mish is going well. I got my suit this week and It is freaking sweet! I will send a bunch of pics! Elder Britton bought a purple suit and we took some solid pics. Elder Britton looks like James Bond in his purple suit.
Elder Britton and Elder Checketts modeling new suits.

ummmm yeah. Well. Let me know if that package is on its way.. Hope all is well. Love you all and miss ya.

Elder Checketts

Monday, May 19, 2014

God Bless America!

Wow! What a crazy week. Sorry I didnt write last week. After talking to the family I didnt have time to email! So This week was nuts. I think I told you about how we had 9 new investigators in one day last week right? well we did.. But this week. We have 34 new investigators. Heavenly Father is pouring out his spirit here and it is awesome. We had 28 member present lessons and the other companionship in our district had a record breaking 41 member presents during the week. I cant believe how much help we are receiving from Heavenly Father. So my companion and I have been going on splits everyday for the past week with the members and its crazy. We have 4 people scheduled for baptism on the 25th but they arent that solid so we will see. We need this one guy, Fedro, to stop smoking so that he can be baptized. We are working with him so please add him to your prayers. Sundays are so frustrating on missions!!! Man! When investigators dont come to church I just feel so depressed! But then at the last second Heavenly father blesses us! We were able to get 4 investigators to church on Sunday and they are all awesome! As a zone in Rajahmundry we had 120 member present lessons and 80 new investigators. The work is taking off and its beautiful. Please add these people to your prayers!
So I didnt have a really crazy cultural experience this week but A gay guy did hit on me. He walked up to me, checked me out and said "super"..... I sat there for a sec really confused at what had just happened and then it hit me. I am scarred for life. Yikes. Anywho. Yeah. I saw more people pooping on the side of the road. Lots of Cows and I still havent taken a picture.. Sorry.. Working on it! We are so busy that I never have time to pull out my camera and take a picture. We are constantly going to appointments all day its crazy. This week has been back and forth with loose motions and constipation. One day Im way constipated and then the next its all loose motions. Sorry for the details buuuut.. yeah. Fun stuff. There is a dog that follows us everywhere here and his name is Raja. He is a beast. He literally protects all missionaries its awesome. Like all the missionaries in Rajahmundry know this dog. When people drive by us he will growl at them and try to bite them its awesome. I will send a pic of him.
So yeah life here is pretty sweet. Today it is 41 degrees C which means around 105 plus the humidity. I think. Thats what someone told me. that feels about right though. It rained last night so the humidity is killing us today. I am starting to gain weight. I am beginning to see a rice belly and I am scared. I need to start working out.

Also, I have some advice!! For sending packages, letters, anything. Put a picture of Jesus on it and then (most) people wont touch it. I guess they afraid of being cursed which is awesome. Sooo yeah! do that and most things will be able to get to me! So this week I started to miss America a lot. But its all good because we went to Dominoes and had pizza and even though it was crappy pizza I feel better! If any of you feel like sending a package or anything like that.. I could use some beef jerky... haha just kidding. Man I miss beef so much. All I want is a nice Steak. or a hamburger. We eat veg meals all the time. We go to hotels for lunch usually and there is one place that we go to called godavri heights. Its 70 rupees for all you can eat which is like 1 dollar. but they tell us not to think of things like that because then we will blow a lot of money. my suit was 2500 rupees and thats like 45 or 50 dollars. but thats a lot sooo I dunno. Its weird. We eat Chipothe all the time and Papu which is like liquid curry and its really good and really spicy. I had chicken tikka fried rice the other day and it was lovely. I will try to send lots of pictures next week too.
Let me know whats going on in America and I want all of you to thank Heavenly father for A/C. Love you all!

Elder Checketts

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Skype

We didn't get a letter this week, but waited until 11:00 pm for the Skype call from Elder Zach for Mother's Day. We had a few problems with video and sound on different ends, but eventually had a great time hearing his voice and seeing his smiling face live all the way from Rajahmundry.  It was 90% humidity and about 104 degrees. He is always sweating.
 He got to see his new little nephew and catch up on his brother's activities. 
And for Mother's Day Mom got a necklace and note that said, "A Piece of my Heart is in India"

He and his companion found 15 investigators during the week and 9 in one day yesterday.

We got to bed around 2:00am this morning... and it was totally worth it!

Monday, May 5, 2014

First Baptism!

So! Good week! We have 7 new investigators and we had our first baptism yesteraday! Her name is Mahdri! She is way solid and I am so happy for her! She wanted one of the members to baptize her so that was awesome! I guess technically its not my first baptism cuz we didnt teach her but its whatever. I going to say it is. So this week was pretty sweet. I am recovering from my food poisoning which was wonderful. It is lame. I have to readjust to the food. Rajahmundry is a terrible place to get sick because the food is all spicy and there is absolutely no american food. We had some toast the other day and it smelt like America. It smelt so good that I cried. Haha just kidding but it was awesome. Anywho. Life here in the Mundry is sweet. One thing I would like to mention specifically are the Mangos. Ohhh myyy gooodnessss. They are beautiful. Its mango season here and They are so good. I could live off of these mangos. Man. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. So We are in an internet cafe right now because the generator is being lame and stopped working at the church. I wont be able to send any pictures this week because I dont want to attach my camera to this virus infested computer. 

Skype!! I can skype you guys! My skype time is 8:30 am here on monday so it should be 8 at night on sunday there.... Right? Yeah. But. I need you guys to create a skype account for me, and then email me the information for it so that I can log onto it here. I am pumped. Make sure that the baby is there!!! Not that I dont want to see all of you.. I am just stoked to see the baby.. If thats possible. I am also excited to see Benny. Man I miss that mutt. The dogs here are all really depressing and gross. I see dying puppies everywhere and its terrible. 

Soo India is still as wild as it was the first day I got here. I am still adjusting to the food. I eat veg meals everyday. Which is basically rice and potato curry and papu. Quality. So I started the BoM again like 3 weeks ago and I am in 3 Nephi 4 now! Man I just finished reading about Samuel the Lamanite. He is an awesome example. BREAKING NEWS. My mission card just arrived!! Lemme explain. So we get mission cards right? Those cards get an allotment twice a month. Since I was Visa waiting in washington I didnt have a card there. When I got here. They didnt have my card either. So for the past month I have been going with out money. It was rough. But now my card had like 8000 rupees and I am pumped. haha thats only like 100 american dollars but I am still pumped. Anywho I am way excited now. 

Elder Gottipati says "Hi" My companion is a stallion. He is way nice. Like overly nice. Sometimes its annoying how humble he is. But he is an awesome example to me. I am learning a lot from him. He is really hard working too. He always wants to be out and about teaching people. Either that or Pista milkshakes. Dang those are good. We are addicted. So elder Randall(Zone leader) went home today. It was sad. I liked him a lot. He reminds me a lot of Chris. He is a track star and will be running at Utah State! He runs like a 4 minute mile. Its insane. 

So yeah. Life here is swell. Has the Ogden Temple been finished yet? There are a few elders from there that are wondering. Oh! One request. Can you send like a photo album with pictures of every body in it? Like everyone. Family friends strangers girlfriends anyone! But everyone here asks to see pictures of family and friends so I need an album with some solid pics in it! So yeah everyone should send me some like real tangible photos. I cant do anything with emailed pictures! I love them... But I cant show them to anyone.  Sooo send me some pictures!!! That would be awesome. 

Also. Family home evening. It can be a wonderful thing. We met Mahdri at a Family home evening and now she has been baptized. Invite the missionaries and non member friends to FHE! It can be so helpful! Well. I love this church. My testimony is growing every single day and I love it. Dont be afraid to share the gospel! I am so grateful for all of your support and Im really sorry If I dont respond to your emails but its really hard with a limited amount of time. I will try my best to send a small message to everyone. Love you all. I will see you and talk to you next week!! Make sure you email me the password and username of the skype account you make for me before next Sunday!

Elder Checketts

Friday, May 2, 2014


Driving on the wrong side of the road
Me and my companion with other missionaries!


Local Neighbor

View from Apartment?