Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tagalog...I can't able to speak that one

Hello everyone,

Well another wonderful week gone by here in the Philippines. Our focus this week was just finding new investigators. We found a couple of good people but we talked to a lot of people on the street so we should have a lot more appointments this week. I am really excited to teach them all. We are now teaching one recent converts older brother Andrew. He is a really nice guy. I guess he attended our church like a year ago but was really busy so couldn't come. He has told his family he wants to learn more about the church. Really awesome guy. He was at church yesterday and I think the Ward here did a nice job of fellowshipping him. Mostly because his Mother went and introduced him to basically everyone in the ward haha. I am excited to continue teaching him. So Kind of a sad experience. I think this last week we were asked to come to a hospital and give a sister a blessing. She had a very young family around her I think she was maybe 25 and had 2 small kids. So I was asked to give the blessing and during the blessing I had the strongest feeling that she wasn't going to live. I couldn't bring myself to say it though. I just ended up saying it was Gods will and not ours. She passed away after 2 days. Kinda depressing. My testimony of the priesthood is still as strong as it was before but I haven't ever had that experience. Kinda sad. I know her Family will be okay though and that they will all be together again.

In other news a crazy old man at church yesterday told me that if I didn't drink salt water, I am going to die.... I dunno maybe he is a prophet. I'll pray about it. Anyway. Um yeah. What else. Tagalog..... I can't able to speak that one. I can understand a lot more now though. Its a learning process. Not going to lie. I miss India. Its really nice here. I am having fun. But I miss India. I want to go home. But my experience in the Spokane mission helped me to learn a lot about serving where I am asked to. But my mission call never said anything about Tagalog... :) 

Did I tell you guys about how they call Americans here "Joe?" Well They do. So I guess lots of old American war veterans come here after they finish serving in the military and come here to chase women. And it works for them because they are rich here. kind of gross. But that's life. Anyway. I talked to one yesterday! He is from England and was extremely drunk. It was awesome though. He invited us back to go and get some drinks with him and "Have a little chat" His name is John. He wouldn't say his last name because he thought we were police. He is nuts. But funny. But all the kids and people here always call us Joe. So when we are walking down the street we usually hear someone yell "Hi Joe!" and I say Hi Phil! Good times. Well yeah. That's about it this week. Also! here is the Address if you maybe might like to send a letter or something.... 
Philippines Angeles Mission Office
F. Tanedo Street, Barangay San Nicolas,
Tarlac City, Tarlac 2300

Love you all and hope everything is going well at home. Keep me updated on life and its events!

Elder Checketts

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