Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! Did everyone enjoy nicely? We prepared some lovely/spicy chicken curry in our apartment with some very special white rice! Tasted amazing!
I hope it wasn't too stressful for everyone! I think Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Not only because of the beautiful food that is prepared but I love to listen to everyone talk about what they are grateful for. I don't know if you remember, Mom, but you sent me a few pages about Gratitude and a bunch of quotes with it. We read through some of those and now we are going to start writing down something we are grateful for every time we are about to leave the apartment. Pretty cool.

So this week was fun! We went to Bangalore from Monday to Wednesday and had a good time. Ate some really nice food and we had a really good meeting on how to help change the mission for the better! I am really excited!
So after Bangalore we were able to meet with a couple of investigators! Vamsi's baptism is set for the 28th of December because they want it to be the same day as his Birthday soo I guess thats pretty cool. Sister Kanchana is a former investigator that we picked back up and she seems really excited about the Book of Mormon so that is awesome! Other people bunked church so thats not cool but we are working on that one. We are all having a hard time finding people to teach! They have to know English and have some desire to know about Christ so its hard to find here but they are there. We get a lot of people that tell us that we are going to hell or that all churches are the same. Elder Kumar likes to wreck people with doctrine so that is always fun to watch. I know its not very Christ-like but sometimes its nice stress relief. Watching him blow peoples minds on the pure doctrine of Christ is pretty fun! Anywho. Don't worry we invite them to read the BoM afterwards and most people actually accept.. so thats cool. We dont know if they actually do it but its okay haha.

Well I am flying to Hyderabad tomorrow to apply for a second passport to go to the Philippines! I am going to America! The U.S Embassy! That will be fun. I am excited! Elder Kumar is going to have his family get some nice beef biryani for us! I will probably fly back to the Mundry on Thursday depending  on how things go with the passport. 

Well I love you all and am definitely grateful for all that you have done for me. I can't express enough thanks for everyone that I know. Family, Ward members, Friends. I guess you are all pretty cool. Haha thanks for everything. Love ya. Also. Tim! Happy birthday you punk! You are 16! What the heck! I want detailed profiles on each girl that you date. Just kidding that's weird. Also are you driving now? Thats weird. be safe! Happy Birthday! Love ya miss yaaaaa

Elder Checketts

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