Monday, November 24, 2014

In Bangalore for MLC

What up!
Man how is everyone! It has already been another week! Crazy. So this week was busy but good! The assistants came on exchanges with us on thursday so that was fun. No pressure. Just kidding we found a solid family to teach so we will go see them on Wednesday or Thursday! I am in Bangalore right now so if Bishop Brisko or Darren Wesemann are reading this hit me up.

 I will be here till wednesday morning! MLC is tomorrow so we are preparing for that. Pumped. Everything is alright though. Vamsi is doing well. he doesnt speak much english but luckily my companion speaks Telagu so I just sit during the lessons and smile. Juts kiddin Elder Kumar is good about translating! He is from Hyderabad. He is 22 years old so thats cool. got his degree in mechanical engineering. Way smart guy but also way chill. He is basically American. We have taught him like all slang words and our apartment is a party! Elder Larsen made banana bread one night back and it was amazing so thats awesome. We also make Egg Bhurgii all the time for lunch. Look that one up because I have no Idea how to describe it. Way good though. I like so much.

Our investigators are okay. all but Vamsi bunked church so we are working on that one. Haha why does coming to church have to be the biggest problem? Its okay. We will just tell them they can't go to heaven if they dont come. Just kidding. But seriously. Maybe. We will see. We are going to focus on finding this week. Our teaching pool is a small puddle right now. Soon it will become Lake Powell though. Well yeah cool. I dont think we have many plans for thanksgiving. There is a birthday in our branch so we will go and have nice biryani with them! Birthdays are so awesome. There are always huge parties when there is a birthday. Something I want to bring to America! Also when its someones birthday here no one buys them anything but they always give out treats or buy food for a bunch of friends. Kinda cool. So I stitched a couple of pairs of pants last week. I have 4 pairs and I am leaving to the Philippines soon so I figured I would get some pants cheap. To stitch 2 pairs with pretty nice material was 20 bucks. Awesome. 

So this week first branch has a brother with a baptism set for next week so we went to do the interview. The brother is one of the Elders in our missions dad. Brother Dondapati. Really good guy. I guess he has had a word of wisdom problem for a really long time and now he is ready to be baptized. Elder Kumar did the Interview and it was pretty emotional. I guess he asked if his son could come home and see the baptism but we were planning to have his son do the baptism. he didn't know about that and was shocked but he is very happy. So that will happen next Sunday. I didnt really have anything to do with it but Its awesome so I thought I'd share. So Elder Dondaptai will fly home next week and baptize his father and then come back to Bangalore. Pretty cool. Anywho. Life is good. Send me some nice food. Maybe macaroni and cheese. I dunno. haha the package that I got from the ward was awesome! Thank you all so much! Sorry I opened it... I couldnt wait... I saw the christmas wrapping and got all excited haha but it was awesome. The Jeus pictures are way cool! I want some just like that but of different temples! Its awesome! Anyway thank you all so much! Love you miss you

Elder Checketts

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