Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Back in the Swarem

Hi everyone!

How is everything? So there is finally some snow? Haha I dont really miss that stuff. The weather here now is perfect. It is so nice! All the time! But I am terrified for the next summer. 55 degrees was rough! But its okay! I am excited for the Philippines! I will be staying is Dowleswarem yet again with Elder Kumar but now we are taking over the whole branch again. So that will be fun. The apartment is really quiet with only 2 elders in it though. But its okay. We will have a lot of investigators to work with! Well the past week has been good but slow! We werent able to meet with most of our investigators because they were all busy! but no problem! We found some awesome new investigators. One came from a drunk guy coming up to us and telling us he had been a member for 12 years but he liked to drink so he stopped coming. We met with his family and he wants to change so that is awesome! He spoke better English when he was drunk though. Thats usually how we know they are drunk... If they speak really good English. Also they start doing pooja to us... Pooja is hindu worship. so thats cool. 

In other news i made a pretty cool purchase last Monday. I will have to send a picture but we found a guy on the side of the road that was selling currency and so we looked and he has currency from tons of different countries. So we made sure they were legit.. and they were. so I bought some... from 20 different countries.... Like Iran and Pakistan and north Korea and China and Nigeria... places that I will probably never go. pretty sweet! 

So Christmas is coming up! I think I already told you that I would just wait to come home to bring gifts... but I can send a package if you would like me to. I was thinking about sending some extra stuff I have anyway so maybe I will include some late Christmas gifts.Um I can do skype on Christmas Eve or on the day of. Whatever works. When are all of you free? Would it be better for you to do it at night or in the morning?

Well I love you all and am so grateful for all that you have done for me! I am so grateful for the Savior as well. If you haven't watched the He Is The Gift Video then please watch it today! It is so good. One of my favorite videos now. I am always amazed at His perfect example. I love to study His words and acts. I love to learn about him and I regret not learning more before my mission. I know that he lives. I know that anyone can change and become more like him if they accept and use the gift of His Atoning sacrifice. I know that He is always there to help us. Always try to involve Him in your day! Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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