Monday, December 8, 2014



How is everyone? Happy Christmas almost! So I need you guys to let me know when the skype call is best to have! Like either Christmas eve or Morning or Christmas night or some random day I dunno. Let me know what the plan is. Please take into account the time difference. We have 40 minutes each. Anywho. Whats goin on? I heard that the LA Galaxy won the MLS cup. Thats lame. Its okay I guess. I have no idea whats happening in the football world. Maybe if I go to Bangalore. No problem. Send me pictures of the house and Christmas and snow and Lights! Well i guess you don't have much snow right now? haha Well we will both get to experience the same type of Christmas! Here, Christmas is just another day. Like people put up stars and lights and have nice Biryani but they have absolutely no idea why they do it. Haha its ridiculous. But thats why the He Is The Gift Initiative is way cool! Unfortunately our mission is not getting pass along cards or anything but we have still been asked to talk about it! Its way awesome though. It is helping us a lot to explain why Christmas is so important!

So this week was good! I went to Hyderabad on Tuesday afternoon and went to a few appointments with the zone leaders there and it was awesome. We got stuffed with chicken biryani and it was amazing. I dont know how to describe it... Look it up. but Its famous in Hyderabad. Anywho. The next morning my appointment was at 10:30. So I got in there and realized I did not have my passport on me and was like crap. So I talked to a very nice sister that spoke amazing English. She helped me out but I still had to go and get my passport. Then I had to pay 110 dollars for the new one. That hurt haha but its okay! I will be reimbursed. But in all honesty I will probably spend it on food. Its expensive to eat healthy! I dont know why but fruit is way expensive. Except for bananas. Those are dirt cheap. We get like 40 bananas for 60 rupees. Thats 40 bananas for 1 dollar. Can't complain. Anywho. The US embassy was a beautifully clean place with with people that spoke really nice English and they used really big words that i couldn't understand. Its was awesome. Then. Oh man. Best part of the day. We went to Hard Rock Cafe.... I ate a hamburger......... My mind was blown. It was 1000 rupees. But it was so worth it. I cried. I also sent a picture. Enjoy. Then. The next morning I had Mcdonalds! They had pancakes and real hash browns! Haha my mouth is watering. It was a glorious couple of days in Hyderabad. But also expensive. I wasn't able to meet my companions family. I guess they live on the opposite side of Hyderabad and you have to understand that Hyderabad is gigantic. It just keeps going and going. Compared to the little village of Rajahmundry it was basically New York City . 
Our week with investigators was good as well. I got back on Thursday and we were able to visit Vamsi and a few less active families. We found some new investigators this week. Both are 11 years old. Haha All 3 of our progressing investigators are 11 or under. Its fine. They are awesome and accept everything we tell them whether they understand or not! I enjoy it! And they all are faithful in coming to church. I think I will focus on teaching children now! Its sweet. Anywho. Solid week. Next week is transfer week. I am definitely staying in Dowleswarem. Philippines bound on January 27. Pumped.  Well love you all. Be happy!... Bye...

Elder Checketts

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