Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello Everyone!

Soo this week was a pretty slow one. The members were all really busy this week. They had a youth conference thing at the church so it was hard for us to go and teach people. I was able to play cricket for the first time this week! Such a weird sport. I dont understand it at all. Its a lot like baseball but not at the same time. This week was kind of rough with our investigators. None of them came to church this week. So we went to go and talk with them but they all had lame excuses. Its okay. Next week they hopefully can come. Fedro and his wife were supposed to be baptized like 3 weeks ago but they keep bailing. Next week we are going to kidnap them and force them to get to the church. Just kidding. But sometimes I would like to do that! Sundays are so frustrating on the mission. I think thats why they have P-day on Monday! And its something I am so grateful for! So this week Elder Britton(ZL in our apartment) were experimenting with mangos and a sweet called Kaja. We made a mango milkshake and it was fantastic. I Love mangos and I am depressed because mango season is at an end. So we went out and bought 50 for 200 rupees... about 2.50$ haha pretty sweet. We got a good deal. Kaja is like the best treat I have ever had. That stuff isso addictive. So of course I learned how to make it! My Kaja isn't quite as good as the shops but its still pretty good. So we made a bunch of those and now we want to experiment with putting mango inside of the kaja and frying it. More info on that to come!

So I think for the most part that the culture shock is kind of gone. Except for the heat. I dont think I could ever get used to it. I am always covered in sweat. its whatever. The food is beginning to taste much better. Its about time!! We had some really good chicken curry last night at a recent converts house! it was ridiculously spicy but so good! I am getting a little bit better with eating with my hands. I don't drop as much rice as I usually do! This week was kind of hard because now that I am used to this place I am starting to miss America! Man I miss Hamburgers. But its okay because we have mangos! Those things have saved my life.

This month we should have around 4 baptisms but we will see. We need people to come to church. We have set up a member to take them to church and they know where to go. We go down there every sunday morning and try to walk with them to the members home. But Satan does not want to let these people go. So annoying. Anywho. We have like 20 investigators right now. Some progressing much faster than others. We have a few Hindus we are teaching who want to convert to Christianity which is awesome. but their families are so against it. I am hoping there hearts will soften and they will allow their kids to be baptized without disowning them. Pastors here are awful. They always tell there congregations not to talk to us and that if we give them a book that they should not pray about it or read it. We then ask the people why do you think that they are telling you not to do that? Cuz its true! And they dont want to lose their "tithing" funds. Elder Nepali (the other ZL) absolutely despises pastors. its kinda funny. Everytime someone talks about pastors he gets kinda red and says we need to destroy them. I feel bad for any pastor that comes across him. He knows the bible so well he could probably prove them and their religion wrong with 2 verses. What a guy. He is from Nepal. And the funny thing is that he is probably the nicest guy I have ever met. Soo yeah thats life in India. Just dirt and smelly cows. Until Next week. Please send me some beef jerky. I miss beef. Also I was serious about the whole putting a pic of Jesus on the letter/package. Elder Britton has been doing that his whole mission and has only lost like 2 packages out of like 10. pretty sweet. I cant send pictures again this week because we are back at an Internet cafe. Thats the only reason I dont like Rajahmundry. The power cuts are awful. Well. Lova yaa miss yaa. 

Elder Checketts

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