Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Hello Everyone!
Soo this week was really slow but awesome at the same time! I was given the opportunity to baptize one of our investigators this week! Sister Roni Ijjini! She doesnt speak any English but she is awesome! I still Speak like absolutely no Telagu. Its such a hard language! Anywho. The Baptism went swell. And Its definitely worth all of the pain when investigators don't come to church! This week we had a really hard time getting investigators to come with us. Ridiculous. My companion got pretty sick this week. It was crazy. Monday night he had a Temp of 40 which is like 104. so then we got him some medicine and checked it again and he was at 105.5 so we were freaking out and he asked me to give him a blessing. It was an awesome experience. We then rushed him to the hospital and he was back down to 103 so that was kinda crazy. So for the next couple of days I stayed at the apartment with him. Our other investigators are struggling with coming to church. But they want to join the church.... All they have to do is actually attend the meetings.

Also, Happy Fathers Day! To both Dad and Matt! Pretty sweet! How is everyone doing? Sounds like Ryan is doing well in Minnesota?? Congrats on beating the boss! And Chris has been in Tennesee for a day now? Crazy! Father, Mother, How is everything? Work is going well? How is Grandpa doing?? Havent heard about him for a while! How is Benny? I miss clean dogs. All the dogs here are nasty. I almost got bitten the other day, that was awesome.
I have started to notice the change that is taking place on my mission. I have grown a lot in patience. My patience has been tested a lot in the past couple of transfers and its been really hard but I have learned a lot and Its making me a better person. I love the people here although it bothers me when auto drivers try to rip us off all the time. Because we are white. I have almost started to become a little racist... But in a loving way.. If thats possible. It is. Anywho. I just had some Domino's pizza. One of them had corn on it. The other just onions. The corn made me want to die but the onion is pretty good. Veg meals are alright. I am getting used to it still. Potato curry is really good. I want to learn how to make that! Also Elder Britton and I had a break through on Kaja! While cooking, We put mixed fruit jam, Nutella, and Mango Inside of them, and then fried them. It was AWESOME. Anywho. Life is good. Let me know whats going on!

Elder Checketts

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