Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zone Conference

Hello everyone!

So this week was ridiculously busy but it was awesome! Elder Gong of the Seventy came and we had district and zone conference with him! He is a beast! I learned a lot of new things and he knows so much about the scriptures that its ridiculous. He talked about how in D&C whenever it mentions stakes, it is talking in the language of the temple which I thought was really interesting. So I want to study that a little bit more. But yeah those meetings were so good! That is why I am writing today instead of yesterday. We had a normal day on Monday and so today is our p-day! Pretty sweet. 
Holding a snake!

The work is still doing really well. It slowed down a little bit because the members stopped going on exchange with us. And telagu is basically impossible to understand without someone translating, although I am getting a lot better at understanding! I still cant speak very much but its whatever. The biggest problem we are having here is getting people to church. Sundays on missions are lame. I thought it was supposed to be a day of rest! They are awesome because they go by so fast but the hour before church starts is like the most intense hour of my life. We ride our cycles to our area which is like 20 minutes away and visit all our investigators to see if they can come. Its insane. Anywho. We have 1 baptism scheduled for this next Sunday. Everyone else is bunking. Its lame. But we have 4 others scheduled throughout the rest of the month. Hopefully we can get them to church. Man Pastors of other churches are so annoying. There is one sister and she said she loves our church and knows its true but she is afraid to come because her pastor and his church members are scolding her for coming to our church. But we talked to her about courage and had a really good lesson about Abinadi and other people in the BoM. We showed her 1 Ne 1:20 and its Nephi talking about how the jews were stoning the prophets and rejecting his father but then he talks about how those who are chosen of the Lord can be made mighty even unto the power of deliverance according to their faith. I dunno something like that but it was awesome. The rest of our investigators are slowly progressing but they are all very hesitant. I think the best way to help this is boldness. That is something I am learning a lot about here. Haha Somtimes I feel Like I am being a little rude because my companion will say "please come to church this week, but if you cant then its no problem." Then I kinda pop in and say "No, Its not okay. You need to come to church. Its a commandment from God and The blessing you are missing out on when you come take the Sacrament, and experience the spirit are things that you should not be missing in this life." Elder Gottipati doesn't like when I do that. I enjoy it though. 
Garbage disposal

So I think the culture shock has subsided for the most part. I saw a spider larger than my hand this week and couldn't take a picture because some crazy Indian kid ran over, picked it up and threw it 100 yards. I hope it comes back and bites him. Just kidding. I wanted a picture though. Maybe next time. Also. I saw something this week that I will probably see many times more in my mission but I dont know it just made me feel really sick. I saw a woman beating her child so badly and ruthlessly, I wanted to go and beat her the same way and ask her if she liked it. But I couldnt. I know its just the culture here but the way she was hitting him shouldn't be legal anywhere. 

Good stuff. On a happier note. I have almost perfected Kaja. Its one of the best Indian sweets you can find here and I love it. Its awesome. I dont know about to describe it. Maybe the best way is that its like toaster stroodle but with sugar syrup. Pretty sweet. Life here is pretty sweet. There are going to be some big changes in the next transfer though (July 2). Im guessing I'll stay here in the Mundry. June is like the hottest month ever. Holy Shnikies. I have sweat more in 5 minutes here than I have during any sporting event that I have participated in. But... Rainy season is coming and I am so stoked.

Playing Cricket

So Cricket is stupid. I played it, and I am terrible. There was a 5 year old Indian kid making fun of me in Telagu. I was gonna beat him with the bat but I decided that Christ wouldn't do that and neither would I. I'll send a pic of that. On Pdays we play basketball, take naps, make kaja, and yeah. There is like nothing to do in Rajahmundry. Its okay though. I love it. 
Let me know whats going on and how life in America is! Go eat some hamburgers for me... :'( Just kidding I had like the best chicken curry the other day I almost cried.

Love you all!

Elder Checketts

A Room with a View

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