Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Beef Curry


How is everyone? Life in India is still basically the same. I sweat like 2 liters everyday. Man on Wednesday this week it was like 120 degrees. I wanted to die it was so hot outside. Anywho. This week was much slower than past weeks. We found out that our main investigator has a word of wisdom problem so that was kinda lame. But we have like 5 people set for baptism on the 2nd. I am so pumped for today. We are going to an FHE with the Mongamuri Family and they are going to tech us how to cook beef curry. I am pumped out!It should be really really good. I hope it doesnt give me loose motions. Anywho. Yeah. Nothing really happened this week. Saw more people going to the bathroom in the streets. I almost got hit by a bus too. That was fun. Bus drivers are the meanest people. We have some solid investigators. Hopefully they get baptized next month. We failed miserably. Next month we will do really well though. 

Family how is everything? Is ryan still doing well in Minnesota? How is Chris doing? Are you in Tennesee yet? Crazy stuff man. Mother Father? How is life? Work? Man how is the new TV? Thats crazy. Matt and Whit and Noah! How are you guys holding up?? Hope you are happy and well! You guys are probably so tired!
Well the mish is going well. I got my suit this week and It is freaking sweet! I will send a bunch of pics! Elder Britton bought a purple suit and we took some solid pics. Elder Britton looks like James Bond in his purple suit.
Elder Britton and Elder Checketts modeling new suits.

ummmm yeah. Well. Let me know if that package is on its way.. Hope all is well. Love you all and miss ya.

Elder Checketts

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