Monday, June 30, 2014

1st Transfer!

Dowleswaram, Dhavalaiswaram

Dowlaiswaram is located about 4 kilometers south of Rajahmundry right on the Godavari River. (Much smaller village.)


Hello everyone what is up? Man I am hearing some crazy things about the world cup! That is awesome. I am pumped to hear about how the U.S does! So big news this week! I am being transferred! But I am still in Rajahmundry! Its a place called Dowleswarem! Also, Its been nicknamed in the mission as the "Dirty Swarem".... Apparently is about as village-like as we can get here in India. I am pumped. My new companions name is Elder Sharma. He is an American-Indian from Utah! I am excited and it should be kind of a wild transfer! This last week was good but sad! It was my first transfer so it really weird saying good bye and thinking that I will never see these people again. I love them so much. I am grateful for the things that they have taught me. 1st Branch in Rajahmundry was awesome. I dont think we will ever have as many member present lessons as we did here! I will miss it a lot! 

So the work was slower this last week. Ravi Teja bunked on his baptism day so that was lame but its okay because next week will will be making sure that he comes. Awesome. I spoke in sacrement meeting along with Elder Britton and Elder Nepali. Those two nailed everyone on missionary work and i finished it up with Bearing Testimony. Solid. Hopefully it went well. So I dont have much time this week because of transfers/power cuts/Im really really hungry, So I will update you a lot more on what goes on in the Dirty Swarem next week! Other than that, Life is good. Im Happy and somewhat healthy. I think Ive been eating too much Kaja. Either that or the Chicken I ate last week wasnt very well cooked. Either way Its fine. The loose motions are subsiding. In case you were wondering.. Yeah. Anywho. I had Crab curry last night and it was the spiciest stuff I have ever had In my life. Ooohhh my gosh. My mouth didnt stop burning for hours. It was awesome. Well Love  ya all!

Love ya

Elder Checketts

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