Monday, June 23, 2014

Planting Seeds


District meeting on the Roof
How is everyone?? Work and life are going well? I hope so! Work and Life here in the Mundry is wonderful. We are slowly but surely working on getting the people to church! Sister Jyothi has had crazy excuses for the past month so I don't even know what to do with her. Buuuut! Ravi Teja is going to be baptized next Sunday! I am pumped. Kind of a crazy story with this kid. He was baptized 2 years back, but wasn't confirmed because I guess there was a transfer and the missionaries were white washed and so he was left and forgotten or something like that... But! We found him again and he is awesome. Also. His father, Dileep Kumar, Is interested also! One of the members had an awesome idea of baptizing Ravi Teja and then giving him the priesthood so that he could baptize his Dad! That would be awesome! His Sister was interested too but I guess she went to a hostel.. which means she is stuck there and cant leave until the end of the school year. kinda like Harry Potter but in a less exciting and more depressing way. Its okay. She will be baptized someday. The hastening of the work will move on! This week was really good! We taught a man named Gangadhar. He comes from a Christian backround and they were very confused about why all these different christian churches wanted to baptize them. We were happy to explain! We taught them the Restoration. It was a great lesson and they understood very well! I am excited to see them again. Also we found a Brother named Tinku, I guess he was a former investigator but we didn't know so we taught him. The next day when we returned he said he remembered everything and wants to be baptized. So we asked him a bunch of the interview questions and he will be baptized on July 13! Matt's Birthday right? Sweet! We will be celebrating with you! It was a pretty good week! Also. A sister named Amulia decided that she wants to come to church. She is also a former investigator. Her mom is a recent convert and her brother is a good member. So thats awesome too. Moral of the story is that Planting seeds can produce more miracles for future missionaries! Don't be afraid to plant your own seeds!
Two Elder Checketts?

Throwing Airplanes off the Roof
Anywho. Whats up? World cup!! Man! Update me!!! I have heard of some upsets! That is so crazy! Man One of the elders I know in Bangalore told me that everyone there is watching! But everyone here only cares for cricket! Yuck! Cricket still makes absolutely no sense to me. Probably because I have no desire whatsoever to learn. I need to change my attitude. I'm sure I will learn at some point! So District meeting was cool. We went up to the roof of the church and had our meeting up there.

 Then we made paper airplanes and threw them to see who could get them the farthest! Unfortunately I failed miserably. My airplane had some serious depression because it dived straight down right after I threw it... All three times

 Also. We went on a little hike this morning. We woke up at 3 am because it takes 3 hours to get there. But worth it! I sent some pics! But I took a lot more. It was awesome! We saw a lot of monkey - more pics to come - and I also saw some nasty spiders that I failed to take a picture of because I was too scared to get close. Its fine. Kaja is still as beautiful as it was the first time I had it. Also the food has improved a lot in the past week. I don't know what happened. Either Heavenly Father has adapted my mouth to handle the spice or these people finally came to their senses and stopped making it so spicy. Either way. I am incredibly grateful. Well. Life is swell. I still sweat 30 liters a day. All the natives keep telling me that rainy season is next week. They have been telling me that for the past month. Indian Standard Time is ridiculous by the way! But yeah. Its still hot. Transfer calls are coming today so I will find out if I am staying in the Mundry or if my rice belly is headed elsewhere. Let ya know next week! Love you all. Be safe. Look both ways before crossing the road. Don't do drugs. Don;t talk to strangers - unless its about the gospel - also Don't forget to pray! Or do scripture study because that's where your answers will come. Love yaaa!

Hanging with my Indian Bros
Elder Checketts

P.s Tell Benny I miss him


P-day Waterfall

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