Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Dirty Swarem

Note from Home: We were unable to access this letter last week, so this one is from a week ago and I'll post his new one tomorrow morning.


Soo. New area. New companion! I am now living in the Dowlaiswarem. And. Its not as dirty as I expected! My new companion is Elder Sharma! No, he is not related to the doctor in SLC, but he grew up in woods cross and knows a ton of people that I went to high school with! Kinda wild. So we have been getting along very well! I have heard lots of rumors about him but I am happy to report that 90% of them are false. Life here is pretty good. But I have definitely experienced a couple of new things! I will tell you how it went down.

       So. We were sitting in the apartment. I had just finished unpacking my luggage, when all of a sudden, something dropped into my lower intestine. I then proceeded to make my way towards the bathroom. As I sat upon the throne, I looked to my right hand side and beheld a small bucket of curious workmanship, and it was of fine plastic. I then proceeded to search it, ponder about it, then prayed about it. I then figured out how it worked. I wont describe the rest of my journey. But I will say that it took a lot of faith to get through it. Anywho. It was quite the experience, and I am glad I could share it with you. Dont worry though. One of the other Elders decided that it just wasnt acceptable so he went and bought a couple of sprayers. Life is good again. 

So this week was a little slow but it was good at the same time! We had a wonderful lesson with a sister named Yaswaria. We taught her the restoration and I'll just say that if she doesn't understand That our church is the only church that has priesthood authority by now, I don't know if she ever will. It was awesome. Anywho. After that we went and taught another sister named Bhanu. She speaks very good English which was way nice. One of the few, the proud. After we taught them a lesson about the Gospel they invited us for dinner on Sunday. After the lesson the grandma took my hand and kissed it. It wouldn't have bothered me so much but the sound that came with it put me into a state of shock that I won't ever forget. The best part is that last night after they fed us, the mother of the family did the same thing and yet again, I was paralyzed with fear. Yikes. I am terrified to back to that home. 

Soo yeah. Other than that life here is wonderful. The pigs are plentiful and are all covered in feces. The smell is something to get used to. but other than that. Its not too different from where I was in Rajahmundry. The church is nice and has A/C. Our apartment needs some work. Its pretty small for four people but we can make it work. The Elders that were there before us had no sense of cleanliness and so its filthy. Today that will change! 

Well. Thank you for the updates on World cup! I was sad when I heard that the US was out but its okay. Also the 4th of July was weird. Just another normal day here. We went to a place called the Dolphin which is like the nicest place in Rajahmundry. I had chicken Tikka fried rice. I could live off of that stuff for the rest of my life. Let me know whats going on in the rest of the world. Is there still life out there? Send me some sweet pics. Also thank you for the package Mom! I cried when I saw the beef jerky! Also those are awesome pics of the fam! Thank you all for everything that you do!

Love yaa

Elder Checketts

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