Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pray for India

Hey Everyone

This last week was a long one. I was sick one day and then the next my companion would get sick. every other day for the first half of the week was like that. We were still able to teach an okay amount of lessons though. We had 6 member present lessons and 21 lessons to recent converts and less actives. A few of our investigators told us their main concerns and they are tough. Sister Kamala's husband is very Hindu and I guess she is supposed to go and do poojas with him and if she gets baptized it may cause a lot of problems in their family. She doesnt want any contention to come in her marriage and her husband is out of town for another month so she cant talk to him about any of this yet. Then with a few other investigators there are word of wisdom things and yeah. lots of stuff came up this week so it was hard but we found a new young couple to teach that is super cool. They are both doctors and are fully busy everyday but they have sundays off so we are going to try and teach them once a week. they are really nice though. Some members brought their friends to church so we are going to go and teach them also. this week should be really good. We are excited. 

We are flying to Bangaluru on Tuesday night for MLC so that should be good. Its always good to go there and learn from the president what we can do better. Our zone is still doing well. This week was difficult for everyone though. Satan is definitely trying to stop the work from progressing. One thing that my companion and i have noticed is that literally every single time we are about to give a baptism invitation something comes up. Either someone calls them on their phone or a friend shows up at their house at the exact moment we are about to ask. Its super frustrating. Anyway. Haha sorry i am done complaining now. Everything else is going well. We are planning to go to a place called Araku today. Ive heard there are really cool caves there and waterfalls everywhere. But it takes a long time to get there so we might have to reschedule it for next monday. 

How is everyone there? I hope you all enjoyed conference! We will be watching this weekend! I am super excited to hear all the talks! General conference is like a holiday! So many awesome things happen! Well thats basically it for this week. Love you all and hope youre doing well!

Elder Checketts

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