Monday, April 18, 2016

Mango Season!

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the super late letter but we just barely got back from a place called Araku. Its like 3 hours away from here and we left at around 5AM and I am starving and have a massive headache so if there are some parts of this letter that dont make any sense or have a lot of typos i am sorry! 

So this week was pretty average... We have this family that we are teaching and they are awesome. Golden investigators. Everytime we teach them they ask awesome questions and just want to learn more and more. We end up teaching for an hour and a half sometimes cuz they dont want us to leave. Its super fun teaching them. All the other investigators are good but are now coming up with more concerns. But I know that all things will work out and someday they will be able to be baptized. This week for we need to go and find some new investigators. We have a member that referrals for us so we are stoked out of our minds for that and also one of our investigators has a family referral so we are even more pumped for that. Umm yeah other than that bascially everything else is the same. Its getting ridiculously hot here and I am sweating like 5 liters daily. In case you were wondering. Also! Big News! GUYS. MANGO SEASON IS STARTING!!!!! YEAAAAASSSSSSS!  I literally cant express in words how excited I am. One thing I can say though. God Loves His children. Mangoes are a witness of that. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about Elder Gongs talk on Remembering Christ and I have read that book Drawing on the Powers of Heaven for like the 10th time and it talks about keeping your thoughts continually directed towards the Savior and other Faith promoting things. I feel like I talked about this in my letter last week. But I dont care cuz its awesome and its something we all should do. So I have been focusing a lot on that and making sure that my thoughts arent just influenced by the insane things I see while riding in an Auto. For instance the other day we saw a naked man running through the streets screaming something in Telagu and it was pretty disturbing. But.... no pun intended.. hahaha Its definitely easier said than done to stay focused at all times! Anyway. yeah. Thats the message for this week. Be happy dont do drugs and focus your thoughts. 

Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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