Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bucket list: Rode a Camel, check


Well this week was still a little slow. but mostly cuz we went to Bangaluru this week for MLC! Super awesome meeting. we learned more about repentance why how to better teach it to people. And also how to have more effective meetings! Both of which I definitely need to work on! We had some awesome lessons this week and found a new family of investigators. they are super cool and have come to church and loved it! Brother Venket and sister Manga who were both baptized 2 weeks ago are still awesome. We are going to work on finding new investigators this week. 

Oh my gosh general conference. SO GOOD. Seriously I loved every single talk. I have already downloaded 10 of them. President uchtdorf's talk in priesthood session was one of my favorites. Also Elder Gong. He came to India 2 years ago for a mission tour and i got to meet him. really awesome guy. He gave a super talk on remembering Christ. Also of course Elder Holland gave a great talk and Elder Oaks and President Nelson and Elder Bednar and basically everyone. Super awesome. 

Also I have big news. I like cricket now! I understand the crazy game now and I am into it. India was in the cricket world cup and lost in the semi finals to the west indies. people here were super depressed when they lost. haha my companion is crazy about that game and loses his mind everytime they play its awesome. 

Anyways. I got to ride on a camel yesterday so basically I am good with coming home now. Just kidding. but seriously it was awesome.

Um nothing else is new. I literally do the same things everyday. Haha but its fun. Life is good. How are you all doing? I hope everything is going well. Love you all and keep your heads up! Also. Chris, Ryan, and Tim... write me an email you slothful bums!

Elder Checketts

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