Sunday, March 27, 2016



We had 2 baptisms on Friday which means I did something good with my life!!! Seriously though. We had like the slowest week of my life here but it was good at the same time. Today is the last day of the transfer but nothing is changing here sooo no worries. Anyway. This week was wild and awesome. So Brother Venket Rao and his wife Manga got baptized on Good friday. Haha it was awesome. Cool story. So Brother Venket Rao is kind of an emotional guy but he is awesome. So when he finished his baptism interview. he came out of the room and he was in tears. he came over and hugged me and said "It's finished. I did it." Haha it was awesome. He was also super emotional at the baptism. He and his wife are super cool and now that family is completed. the two sons are already members. Now they can set goals to be able to attend the temple as a family! Super awesome. Also. His wife cooks like the best chicken curry on the planet. I want to schedule a day with them when they teach me how to do it.

We have several other investigators that are way cool. I dont know if I already told you about sister Kamala? She is awesome. She understands the scriptures better than 90% of people I have ever taught. She was supposed to be baptized yesterday but some concerns came up with family. Bro Satyanarayana is also way cool. He is having a hard time because he is coming from very Hindu background and his mother is very against Christianity. We have a lot of other investigators but those two are progressing the most. We had a solid week here are our Key Indicators. 2 baptized 2 confirmed 2 with a baptism date 4 at sacrament meeting 13 member present lessons taught 0 other lessons taught 4 new investigators and 16 lessons taught to recent converts or less actives.

Well It was an awesome week here and we hope to have another awesome week again. Easter here is interesting. There are huge celebrations on good friday in all the churches and we saw a huge crowd of people walking on the street and someone in front was dressed like Christ while carrying a cross. I'm just happy they dont whip themselves like they do in the Philippines. That was nasty. Anyway. It was a good week and life is good here in Visakhaputnum. Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that He lives and because He lives we will too. Love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Checketts

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