Monday, April 25, 2016

What uppp

Hello everyone!

Well this week was a little slow but still solid. We were able to teach some awesome lessons and help others to be able to feel the spirit. We are teaching a less active members son who is 10 years old. Its a little difficult because he has a hard time understanding. But he is awesome. His name is Cherry. Really cool kid. We are still teaching that awesome family and they are doing really well. They have soooo many questions though. Which is a good thing because we are answering them all. Sister Kamala is doing well but the whole Hindu in-law thing is preventing her from progressing. We are trying to help her to have courage and to talk to her husband and do what she believes. We were going to share Joshua 1:9 and also the story of esther in the old testament. hopefully we can help her out.

I gave a talk on Sunday about remembering Christ not just on Sunday but everyday. I based it around the talk that Elder Gong gave in General conference. I think it was okay. Haha if only people here actually spoke English. I gave 5 points on how we can better Keep the covenant we make every week during the sacrament. A few people told me that I did a good job so I have confirmation that at least 3 people understood it! Good enough for me. Solid day. We also got lunch from a member with nice Mango Dahl. Sooo nice. 

Well definitely I want you all to know that this is the Lords work. I feel Him guiding us every single day. Appointments, lessons, and all tracting just go too well for there not to be someone on the other side leading it. Too many small things happen that would never work out if God was not in charge. Also. The church puts 20 year olds in charge of who qualifies to be baptized into the church so if it wasnt true the church would have fallen apart years ago. Anyway. I have already found the reason, or at least one of them, why I was sent back to India. The couple that was just baptized had a big part in it. They are awesome. And I also think it was just a merciful act of our Heavenly Father to allow me to have nice Chicken biryani again. Seriously though. I love that family. They are amazing. The Church is True! Love you all and Miss you!

Elder Checketts

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