Monday, May 2, 2016



What a wonderful week we had. Holy shnikies. it was sooo busy. So. Starting with a 3 hour train ride to Rajahmundry in the early hours of the morning! We were in the A/C section so that was nice. We got to Rajahmundry and I was able to see a couple of members that I served with in Dowleswarem! It was soo weird being back! So many memories came back and I could remember where literally everything was in Rajahmundry. It was awesome. Then we had an awesome Zone conference with Elder Funk of the Seventy. Awesome meeting. I gave a small training on the culture of our mission and how it can improve and then Elder Funk spoke about teaching repentance and how to do it more efficiently. Super awesome. 

Then we stayed the night there in the mundry and woke up early again and took a bus back to Visak for another 3 hours. So we were pretty exhausted. Then Elder Bunga and i got on a flight to Bangaluru for MLC and Elder Funk also conducted that! First time in any Asia mission that a general authority has conducted an MLC so that was cool. It was really awesome though. So many things and ways to help the mission be better. I dont know if I mentioned but before Elder Funks call to the Seventy he was the mission president in this mission.. right before President Berrett came. Pretty awesome. 

So yeah that took up a big chunk of our week. Then we taught some solid lessons on Saturday and Sunday. had some really nice Chicken Biryani and now here I am. Sitting in an internet cafe, watching and listening to the insane traffic and the ruthless bus drivers almost killing people as they fly by. I've told you they dont stop right? Like to get on and get down from the bus you have to jump. Its ridiculous. Anyway. Life is swell. we are gonna start playing Cricket in the mornings now. Stoked. Its getting hotter here everyday so thats great. Our investigators are about the same. They are learning but Family members are stopping them from really progressing. Praying for that. We need to do some solid finding this week though. going to work on more referrals. good stuff.  Annnd yeah thats about it. Happy Birthday Chris and Noah! Sorry I didnt mention that last week! I will be praying for Whit this week. Be strong and of a good courage. Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed. For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest!

Love you all

Elder Checketts

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