Monday, March 14, 2016

Member Referrals!

Hey Everyone!!

Well this week was fun! So On Monday we went to the beach again and played volleyball and that was way fun. I didnt take many pics cuz it was the same place as the week before. but it was good! The rest of the week was super good! We found 14 new investigators! 8 of which came for church! We are getting a lot of referrals from members and it is so nice! We still have to contact at least 4 more families that have been referred to us and we are so excited about it! My companion finishes his mission in 3 months and so he has set a goal to baptize 25 souls during that time. We are both working towards that goal now! 

I dont really know what else to say. This week went by so fast that I cant remember what happened. I wen on an exchange to an area called Gaduwaka. It was solid we taught some new investigators there and so it was good. as of this last week our zone is leading the mission so we are all super excited about that and it is giving everyone incentive to keep working hard. 

Yesterday was a solid day. We went on splits with a few members and it was really good. I went to teach a less active family with a relief society sister and a ysa. We taught them about the two great commandments in the law. We shared a ton of scriptures with them. We started with Mathew 22 and explained how the Pharisees were trying to trick Christ with the question of which was the greatest commandment and how his answer was perfect. We then connected that to 2 Ne 26:28 and then on to Moroni 7:45-48. And we talked about how Charity is that same commandment, but that in  order to get it we have to "pray with all the energy of heart." We then connected that to Mosiah 2:17 and talked about ways that we can show love is to serve other people. and by serving others we are in the service of our God which basically means that in Serving others we are following both commandments to Love God and love our neighbors. They understood really well and it ended up being an awesome lesson. Hopefully I described that well enough in this email so its not super confusing. haha but yeah everything is awesome. Oh Happy Birthday Ryan! Sorry I forgot to write that a couple weeks ago! Dont worry I remembered! How does it feel to be old now? Haha My companion is older than you so no worries. 

Well Love you all. Hope everything is going well for you!

Elder Checketts

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