Monday, March 7, 2016

It's already 90 and summer starts in April!


Good afternoon! How are you all doing? Happy? Healthy? Hope so! Well. We had a wonderful week here. Filled with both really good and really bad smells that I can't able to describe. So last monday we went to the beach and its awesome. We are going again today. I will send some pics of last week but it is really pretty. also there are a lot of random men pooping there so you have to watch out. ANYWAY. Its fun there. We are playing volleyball there today so definitely next week solid pics will come. 

So this week we went to Bangalore on Tuesday night, Our flight landed around 10 so we go to the assistants apartment at like 11:30. So then we had MLC all day Wednesday and it was really good. i got to see all of the elders I knew from before. There arent very many left. Its so weird I dont know most of the missionaries here anymore. Everyone I knew has gone home! Kind of depressing but its all good. Anyway. MLC was fantastic and we learned about planning and goal setting. We talked about first setting an inspired vision for the area and then setting goals to achieve that vision and how to plan for those goals. It was really good. Something that the mission definitely needs here. 

So this week the work was awesome. We had 15 investigators at church for our district conference and it was awesome. We need to set most of them with a baptism date but they have a lot of concerns with family members being against the church. So thats where the work has slowed. but we got like 5 referrals from members this week for 5 different families which is super awesome and we are way excited to begin teaching them all this week. Lots of miracles are happening. Like One time we skipped lunch to be able to meet some investigators and then after the lesson we saw a biryani restaurant calling us from across the road. It was a Heavenly manifestation. Anyway. Seriously awesome things happen all the time. When appointments bunk and we have no where to go randomly a member will come up to us and introduce us to his friend. and then we have a new investigator to teach! The work is progressing! 

 My health is good. No worries. Every once in a while i get an upset stomach but Im not sure why because I bought noodles from a street cart the night before. hahaha  But other than that I am doing well. Its starting to get hotter here. Summer starts in April and its already 90 all the time. Annd thats all folks. Dont do drugs. Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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