Sunday, April 5, 2015

Typhoon Update from Mission

Families of Philippines Angeles Missionaries:

The typhoon that wasn't.  Today is Preparation Day in the Angeles Mission and we rejoice at the safety and well-being of our missionaries and members.  Tropical typhoon MAYSAK (CHEDENG) made its way to and through the Philippines over the weekend.  The storm was closely monitored by the Philippines Area Office with regular bulletins to Mission Presidents over the past week.  The storm was once a super typhoon over the Pacific but as it approached Luzon it drastically dissipated and finally sputtered across the islands.  Early forecasts called for a direct hit in the Angeles Mission. In the end,  Chedeng landed a glancing blow to a very small portion of the mission.  Ironically, we didn't even get badly needed rain for the farmers in our area.

We believe that divine intervention protected the missionaries of our mission and the good people of Central Luzon.  Thank you for your faith and prayers in our behalf.  Great vigilance paid off and we were ready for what was thought to be a severe storm.  We were safe and we are not sorry for the precautions that we took.   We followed the counsel and example of our Area Presidency and count ourselves blessed for obedience.  The storm has passed; all missionaries are accounted for.

We are gladly back to work.

President Scott Clark

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