Monday, April 6, 2015

Super Typhoon/Apostasy Week


This week was okay. We taught Andrew like everyday because he is moving out of the City but he will still come back for church every weekend so he can still be baptized on the 18th! He is a way awesome guy. He and his I think 4 year old son are great. So yeah. We are teaching the family whose son we helped with the whole accident and going to the hospital thing. The father has a BGD set for May 2nd but we will see how that goes. Hopefully they can make it to the church. On Sunday we had like 5 Inactive families there! So awesome! pretty sure it was only because of Easter! Still awesome! Also 2 Investigators came! Solid.
So I need to explain the hard core apostasy that took place this week here in Tarlac. I guess only this area has a tradition called Holy Week. And on the full moon tons of people come out to the streets and watch men Cut their backs open and literally whip themselves while walking up and down the streets in symbolism of Christs Atonement. There is usually some guy dressed in all black at the front of the line with Weeds on his head like the "crown" while carrying a giant cross. I guess it resembles repentance for all the bad things they have done? And then that night they all get drunk and party. Sooooo. Its gross. I added pictures. You dont have to look at them if you dont want. Its nasty. Blood flies all over the place and its all over the cars and sidewalks. I am just grateful That I am not in the place where they crucify themselves. But I guess its near to where we are.  It was filthy. Anyway. I am eternally grateful that Christ went through those things so that we don't have to. The love of God at its finest.

Well. As you all may have heard there was a Giant super typhoon  that came to the Philippines this last weekend! It was sooo crazy! Winds picked up to an amazing 10mph! And it literally did not drop a single drop of rain! It was cloudy all day though so that was intense. Yeahhh. I was so excited. And then nothing. Its okay. If I am stuck here for the rest of my mission then I don't need to worry about not seeing another one.(please pray that that does not happen) it was wild. But I am alive.
In other news I went to the hospital and had an ultra sound done. Turns out I am pregnant. Its a boy! Really though it was so awkward. All the nurses in there were just laughing and kept telling me congratulations. It was a horrible experience. Also had a blood test done. And the results of both tests were quite interesting. Turns out I have absolutely nothing wrong with me. Besides the stupidity but then again they didn't test that. Next time. Anyway The doctor that I went and saw gave me some pills. Probably cocaine. I seriously have no idea what it was but my stomach feels so much better. Yesterday was the first day in the last 2 months that my stomach didn't hurt way bad. Miracles. And that's about it....
Well I hope all is going well at home. Dad I am all for More Cowbell Marketing. I would invest in that. I pray for you all everyday. Read your scriptures. Pray. Have FHE. I am sorry I was a terrible child and didn't want to participate in that beautiful event. I am stoked to have family night with you all when I get home. Love you all!

simulating Christ's suffering by cutting and flogging
Elder Checketts

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