Monday, April 27, 2015

New Area!


What a busy week! So I have been transferred from Tarlac! Its always sad saying goodbye to the people you meet in each ward! definitely I hate goodbyes! But I know that someday I will be able to see them all again! Well. I have been transferred to the Angeles Zone. I am in an area about 45 minutes outside of Angeles but its still a big city called Mabalacat. Pretty sweet. My new companion is Elder On. Pretty awesome. He is from Cavite and is a way cool guy. Happy literally all the time! He reminds of the kid from the movie Up. Not so much the looks but just the way he talks. It keeps me entertained!  

Well this new area is going to take some work! I guess things have been going pretty slow here for the past year or so. My letters might get a little boring for the nest while because we will be finding all day every day! But I am excited! We have 1 progressing Investigator named Dina. She is way cool. She told us that she really wants a firm testimony of the gospel before she gets baptized. But she won't pray by herself. We don't know why! But we will be working on that. And we don't have any other investigators . Pretty sweet. But big news! Oh man. Are you ready. Okay. So. There was a less active couple in our area that they reactivated last transfer and they are now ready to go to the temple! Which means the missionaries will be able to go with them. And I am a missionary.... which means I can go to the temple!!! I am so excited! We will be going to the Manila temple on May 16. I have really learned how blessed we are in Utah to have so many temples around us! I think its something that we all take for granted sometimes. I have a goal that when I am home I will attend the temple weekly. I am really excited for the temple in Thailand because now the members in India can go there instead of Hong Kong! Really exciting stuff! 

Well no word on the visa. I miss India. But its okay. I just need some Chicken curry. I am having withdrawals! With the stomach problems I am going back to Tarlac today to go to the hospital and get another blood test and a stool check. Not excited for that one. But hopefully they can find whatever it is. I have found that the more I try to relax, the better I feel. but who knows. Well yeah. Thats about it. I hope all is going well at home. I will probably learn Tagalog pretty quickly here because I am living with 3 Filipinos! Its all Tagalog. but they all know English so its okay. Love you all. Be safe. Don't do drugs. 

Elder Checketts

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