Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello my beloved family, friends, and acquaintances

What a wonderful week! So awesome. Where do I begin. Well Andrew (one of our few progressing investigators) passed his baptism interview and is now on his way to being that much closer to being able to enter the kingdom of God. So pumped. The event should be taking place this Saturday. Please pray that it works out! I am really excited for it! We had some awesome lessons this week. First was this brother named Raffy we taught when we first got here but he didnt seem too interested. about a month ago he asked for the testaments dvd and so we gave it to him. Also his wife is a less active member. Anyway. I guess he watched it like 2 or 3 times and we weren't ever able to meet with him again until this last week. He asked us a bunch of questions about the Book of Mormon. and He said he wanted to know more about what Christ did while he visited the people in America. Then he asked about Joseph Smith and about his life. We talked to him about how he was just a 14 year old farm boy who wanted the truth. He was pretty amazed with everything. The lesson was all over the place but the spirit was definitely there. It was way awesome. He really wants to read and continue to learn about the Book of Mormon. Such an awesome experience though. Also we taught a sister named Rika. We weren't too sure about her at first because she was wearing a hat that had "marijuana" written on it and she was a little crazy. but she invited us to her house. so we went. and we taught. and we felt the spirit. It was interesting to watch her understand. She seemed a little changed by it. We will be returning this Tuesday. Pumped. Anyway. Solid week. And this week should be another awesome one.

Conference, man. No words. My mind was blown spiritually. and metaphorically. Whatever that means. Seriously though so good. Although. I am not going to lie. After hearing the Saturday morning session and I was pretty convinced that I needed to get married Immediately. Just kidding. That phase of my life can wait. Well I will just tell a few of my favorite talks. Saturday morning session. Dallin H Oaks takes the cake. Such a great talk. I love that parable and now I understand it so much better. Also I love that he said that the root of all evil is not money... but the love of money. Doctrine. Anyway. Saturday afternoon session I cant able to decide which was my favorite. Between Elder Bednar, Elder Anderson, and Elder Renlund. Of course Bednar's talk blew my mind, but I love the story of the Indian that Elder Anderson spoke about saying "I can teach you to dance, but I can't teach you to hear the music." way cool. Priesthood session I think Elder Ballard wins. Actually one of my favorite talks of conference! The advice he gave for preparing, current, and returned missionaries was awesome. Sunday morning I can't able to decide between Elder Holland and President Uchtdorf. Really awesome talks. Sunday afternoon was great as well. Elder Pearsons talk about enduring to the end was probably my favorite. But Elder Nelson did a really good job of explaining the Sabbath day! Conference is a beautiful thing. I prayed for more understanding of the plan of salvation and I definitely got multiple answers! 

I am so grateful for Prophets and Apostles that lead and guide the Church today through revelation. For any that did not hear or listen I invite you to do so now! And not just once. Every day! every day! every day! 
The Bishop took us to Dinner!

No word on the visa. Transfers are next week. I will probably go somewhere else but then again, ya never know. Well I love and pray for you all. Thanks to all those who are supporting me and the rest of my fellow missionaries. Love yaaaa

Elder Checketts

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  1. Well I will just tell a few of my favorite talks. Saturday morning session.

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