Sunday, May 3, 2015



Well this was an interesting week! I don'y even know where to start. Maybe from the medical side of things. Oh man. So. I went to the hospital and I had like 4 blood tests taken, luckily they only had to take 1 sample for all those tests because that needle was gigantic. Anyway. I had another ultrasound done and yet again, no baby. So then I had a Ct scan. Oh my goodness that was like the most painful experience of my entire life. So that morning I already had to down a liter of water for the ultrasound, then I had to drink another liter of water with some weird chemical in it. And they told me that I was not allowed to use the restroom after I drank it, and they said I had to wait until I had to "go" really bad so that the test was effective. So once all is ready... I get in there and they scan me once and it was fine. but then out comes the doctor with a catheter. Yikes. This might get a little graphic. But the doctor turns me on my side and says breath in! Yeahhhhh so then all that is going on and lo and behold. behind the glass window of the room are 5 nurses all sitting there watching this go down! I don't know if they just want to learn about the procedure or if this was the first time they had seen an American rear end. Either way it was awful. Anyway. They inject fluids where they arent supposed to go and all the while I am in extreme agony because i need to relieve myself. So they get ready for another scan and they are all yelling at me to relax and I can't for reasons past explained! Then after that scan they hook up some weird fluid into my blood system and I was literally begging them to let me go to the bathroom but they said no. So I get hooked up to this machine and they inject something into me. And I dunno if my body just wasn't used to this but I am pretty sure I started going into shock. Like my arms went numb and I couldn't open my mouth and my vision went blurry. I don't know. It was weird. So they scanned me again and then finally let me go. So I was in full sprint through the hospital to the comfort room . Awesome. I never want to go back to that place. I thought I was going to meet my Maker. Yikes. Anyway. They still didn't find anything so I am just going to take medicines of my choice and pray. So that was my experience at the hospital.

 Now on the more spiritual side of things. That very same day! After the hospital we had nothin goin on and I had been humbled sufficiently, so we went finding! We were knocking on doors and nothing then we walked past this brother and he was sitting there smoking and smiled at us. This is how the conversation went down. Word for word.
Elders: Hey
Grandpa: Hey
Elders: Whats your name?
Grandpa : Jim
Elders Hi Jim, can we teach you?
Jim: Yeah
Elders: Okay where?
Jim: right here
Elders: Sweet!

Boom! Taught the restoration and he accepted a baptism date. Proof that Mariah Carey taught doctrine when she sang There can be miracles when you believe! Haha Pretty cool Then on our way to the next appointment and talked to a man named Conrad. He spoke wonderful English. He told us he was busy working but he gave his number to us and asked us to come visit his family. Too bad he doesn't live in our area. So we had a referral for the Sisters serving in our ward! Solid. Well yeah We had 2 investigators at church which is way cool,  we are teaching a recent converts sister and when we went there she had a friend visiting so we taught her also! She was way cool and very receptive but again, doesn't live in our area. Thats okay though! I am fine with that! Planting seeds for future elders to harvest! Also we had a wonderful number of 98 people in sacrament meeting! I think thats like the highest its been in a while! In this area we mostly work with less actives but there are only like 8 families in our area that are members and 4 or 5 of those families are completely active. Pretty sweet. Not a lot going on here but We will keep working hard to get things moving. 

No word on the visa. I miss India. but I will serve where the Lord wants me to serve. I am learning a lot more Tagalog but still am handicapped when speaking it. We are going to the Temple on May 16! I am so excited! It will probably be in Tagalog so I will have no idea whats going on but I am still pumped. Well yeah. Those were the main events of the week. Hope all is well at home! Love yaa!

Elder Checketts

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