Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Still Chillin in the Mundry


How is everyone doing?? I hope all is well. We are doing well here! This last week was crazy! Got quite the story for ya. SO. After emailing you guys last Monday. We were in a big hurry because the flight to Bangalore was leaving in a couple of hours. We cycled back to the apartment and grabbed everything and then I went to the airport with Elder Kumar. When we got there we found out that our flight was delayed. So we were like crap. Then we sat there for another couple of hours and of course it eventually got cancelled. for low visibility. So by that time our the Visak Zone leaders had arrived at the airport so  we called the assistants and they told us to go to a bus stand and try and get a bus that was going to Bangalore. So we went to this bus stand and ate at a really sketchy but awesome place, and then found out that our bus had been filled completely. So we called a cab driver in Rajahmundry and had him drive us to Vijaywada which is about 3 hours away. Then from there the other bus going to Bangalore was full. So we rented another cab to drive us across the country to Bangalore! 13 hour drive. in a mini van! So sick. We basically had a competition to see who could solve the rubix cube the fastest almost the entire time. I almost won... sort of. I was like 10 seconds too slow. My excuse was that I am colorblind and it was dark. I think its valid. Anywho. We got to Bangalore at like noon. MLC had started 2 hours earlier so we all walked in. way late but its fine. Its was awesome. We had KFC for lunch and had a good meeting about getting better numbers. Then I went to like the nicest shopping mall I have ever beheld. Way nicer than City Creek.
 Look up Phoenix Mall in Bangalore. Holy shnikies. Its so nice. Then we woke up at like 4 am and got a flight back to the mundry. Pretty sweet. Not very many elders get to drive across India. Way fun but I dont really want to do that again... 

 Our investigators are doing alright. Prathyusha's mom is not allowing baptism still so we will keep talking to them. Way frustrating. Satish is doing alright but He is still bunking church. We struggle to get him there. Still figuring out what to do there. Sri Lakshmi is awesome and is way solid. I will be switching back into the area I was in when I was companions with Sharma. So that will be fun! I will most likely be in Dowleswarem until I got to the phillipines in January. January 27th is the scheduled day that I leave. So thats cool. I am scared to leave Rajahmundry. This is the only place I know. Ive been here my whole mission haha crazy. but I love it. We found a new investigator the other day named ramu. He is pretty cool and was asking a lot of good questions. He just converted from Hinduism to Christianity and is currently attending a Lutheran church down the street from his home. So I hope to be able to help him out!

Well Yeah! Solid week. It was really fun! I am sad i dont get to stay with Coleman and Larson but We will still be in the same apartment so thats cool. Well send me some more pics of the fam! love ya miss ya!

Elder Checketts

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