Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello everyone!

So this week was really slow. My companion and I basically just whitewashed this area and so we had to start from scratch. But we found one new investigator, his name is Ramu. He is a really cool guy. I think I told you about him last week. We are going to see him tonight. He asks a lot of really good questions that are about the plan of salvation so thats what we will be teaching him tonight. I am excited. We have a couple of other potentials that we need to go see but they were all really busy this week so we visited a lot of the members on this side of the branch and found some less actives and we were able to re-activate him just from visiting him. If only the branch would do their home teaching now! I realize why that is so important now! 

We had Zone training meeting this week and it was alright. I dont really know what the heck I am doing. My companion had only been out for 6 months and neither of us have ever been a Zone Leader before. Sometimes it can be stressful but I think we are doing alright. We also had interviews this week with President Berrett. He blows my mind with Doctrine and convenents sometimes. Its awesome. That man is destined for apostleship. No doubt. He just has that voice. Also I have almost memorized the Sermon on the Mount. I have Half of chapter 5 and all of chapter 7 in Mathew. Its way good though. My favorite. Anywho. Life here in the Mundry is lovely. the weather has cooled off to like 80 degrees so its really nice now! 

I dunno what else to say. I almost got hit by a bus the other day but thats normal now. Everything that used to be weird is normal now so if you want to know about something you should probably ask... Oh I almost got trampled by a cow. That was crazy. I was cycling to our branch presidents home and all of a sudden a huge bull comes charging past me. It was awesome. Um yeah. I love chicken biryani. My companion made some amazing but really spicy chicken curry last night. It was really good. I need to have him teach me. Mutton is gross. Also fish curry makes me want to die. but sometimes its really good so I cant make up my mind. We still eat like 2KGs of rice everyday. Definitely I am going to get Diabetes. Its fine. Well I love you all. I hope you are all doing well. I didnt see those pics of Noah from Halloween! Send those! Proud to be an American. Also. I am slightly considering marrying an Indian......... Any thoughts? Hahaha just kidding. Well maybe... I can hear Dad saying "Oh brother" right now. Anywho. The church is true. Jesus Christ lives and He is at the head of His Church. I know it with all of my heart. If you dont, I invite you to find out now. God is always listening. He is always watching. And He is waiting for you to knock. I have seen that too many times to count while I have been here. Let me know how your week was! Hope you start to feel better Mom!

 Love ya miss ya!

Elder Checketts

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