Monday, October 27, 2014

Dunked and Confirmed


Whats up? Man this week was fun! So first I went on exchange to do a baptism interview for the elders there and it was solid. He got baptized yesterday! Also I bought some Kakinada kaja. Man. I cannot find words to describe to beauty of those sweets. They taste so good. Anywho. Sri lakshmi was confirmed yesterday it was awesome! She is way solid and read the BoM everyday and understands everything we tell her which in and of itself is a miracle. 

No one here understands English. I cant able to speak English anymore.... We literally talk like that everyday. So sick. Also. This week was Diwali. A Hindu festival that represents when some devil died and everyone celebrated his death..... yeah. Way fun though. There were bombs going off all night. Sooo loud. There were places where they had like 50 yards of firekrackers tied together and it would go for like 20 minutes. Indians like to party. Its was awesome. 

So big news. I am flying to Bangalore in like 4 hours. I was called to be a new Rajahmundry zone leader.... Please pray that Rajahmundry doesnt burn down. Just kidding. But seriously... I am excited though. I am staying in the dirty swarem yet again and my new companion will be Elder Kumar from Hyderabad. he is currently in 2nd branch in the Mundry so I know him pretty well. He is a way cool guy and I am excited to be his companion! So I am flying to Bangalore for mission leader conference. I have no idea whats going on but I am pumped. So. Yeah I dont know what else is happening. Whats happening in America? Hows the fam? How is Benny? I miss him. 

Well nothing else is really new. Our investigators lost their baptism dates because they decided not to come to church. lame. Also because one sisters mother said no. Dont worry we will go have a chat with her mom this week on Wednesday. I am excited. Should be fun haha. Satish and his family came to church though so thats awesome. good week. Slow week. but fun. Lemme know whats going on there!

Elder Checketts

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