Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm a True Missionary

Hello everybody!

How is everyone doing this week?? Hopefully well and sober.... So this week was better! We were able to find a couple of new investigators. Ones name is Meena. She is really interested in the gospel. I think she has been attending some other church down the street from her home. She loved coming to church on Sunday so hopefully all will go smoothly until dunk day. Set for November 30. Tims Birthday! We will see though! Also one of our members has a nephew whose father just gave permission for him to be baptized so we started teaching him and he is 10 years old. His name is Womsi. Solid Kid. Ramu bunked church. Also lost his baptism date so we are going to go and fix that this week. Pumped. The zone of Rajahmundry is doing alright. We are having a hard time finding new investigators. Mostly because no one here speaks English and we aren't supposed to teach in Telagu. Its tough. But they are out there. And the Lord will help us find them.

So yeah. Everything here is good. I am glad its not cold here haha Its still a solid 90 degrees everyday so thats cool. As much as I love having a white Christmas Im not too fond of the snow. Anywho. So remember that package that you sent that had real peanut butter and real honey in it? we can get those things here but they are fake and expensive... I just want you to know I will never ever take a peanut butter and honey sandwich for granted ever again. I sort of have a confession.. Remember when I was in elementary school and every day Mom wold make me a peanut butter and honey sandwich? So I think almost everyday I would eat maybe half of it and than throw everything away cuz I wanted to go outside for Recess..... I just wanted to apologize for that And I want you to know that I will never ever throw away one of those beautiful masterpieces again. I made a sandwich last night and it all hit me how good those things taste. Yeah. Just enjoying the little things. Haha the other chocolates and candy got destroyed because of the humidity.. but still tasted amazing so thank you! By the way. For those of you who will understand (my older Brothers) I am now a true missionary as of last Monday night. It was a lovely experience and im sure it will happen again! Anyways. I hit my 9th month mark a couple weeks back. I think I already told you about it but it was really weird. Never thought that day would come. Still waiting for the year mark to come but thats never gonna happen haha but I dont really want it to happen. I still feel like I havent been gone for that long. Everything is good. I guess it would be cool to receive a letter but they dont make it very often so its your choice... If you wnat to know anything about India or anything thats happening just ask. My memory is lame so I dont remember anything. well love you. Be safe. Eat some Cafe Rio for me!

Elder Checketts

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