Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cool Story this week


Man So this was a pretty good week! The dirty swarem is still pretty slow but we are working on it! The work here is different from where I was in Rajahmundry! Kinda weird because I am only 10 minutes away from it. Thats one thing that everyone has told me about the missions here. When you get transferred anywhere here its like entering a completely different country. Its intense, But I love it. India is swell. The weather has cooled off immensely and Its soo nice. Haha people are starting to buy coats. Its hilarious. Its still like 80 degrees I think But it feels like a solid 65 to me. I don't know anymore though. It rains probably everyday now. Sometimes its really light rain but other days the streets are flooded and we dont dry off for 3 more days because of how ridiculously humis it is here. My attitude changes throughout the week. For the first 2 days the weather is perfect, then it starts to get way hot and humid, then We start to pray fro rain, then it downpours, then we have another day of nice weather, and then we regret the day that we prayed for more rain because of how humid it gets. the cycle goes on. I don't know if that made any sense to you. My mind is kind of all over the place today.

Cool story this week. We had an appointment in Bommuru this week, and on our way back, the Member we were with took us to this sisters house who is completely Hindu. She told us that she needed a priesthood blessing because her legs were in major pain. We were kind of reluctant at first because this woman had no idea who Christ was or what a blessing was. But we explained that it was based on her faith and gave her a blessing. The next day at church the member told us that the husband wanted us to come back and share a message with them because his wife had started to feel better. So we went back later that day and it turns out that the husband is a Bremen. Which means that he is about as high as you can get in the Hindu cast system. Bremens are the only ones that can "officiate" at Hindu temples. So we were kind of scared because those people normally don't like us that much. But. He told us after we taught them about Christ, that he and his wife would be baptized into our church if she is fully healed. I don't know that it works that way. But I can hope! yeah. It was kinda wild. I am excited to keep teaching them though! 

We also had some really good lessons with a Roman Catholic family. They are really defensive of their church but its okay. We just are working on helping them to recognize the spirit. 

In other news my hair-line has receded another foot and a half. Just kidding. But its getting up there. Yikes. The food is good. Sometimes. Just kidding its really good. I have started doing sit-ups and push-ups every morning and night. Unfortunately, I still have a small rice belly. Umm. I almost got bit by a dog but an Ama(mom) saved me and beat it up for me. It was awesome. She just grabbed a stick off the ground and chased it down the road. I wish I could have filmed it. Everything else is basically the same. 

Whats going on at home? What is America like? Tim I saw those pictures of you and you would older than me if I wasn't balding. Thats crazy. Are you ripped? I still have birthright over you. And I will not sell it. Just kidding. Im working out too. Spiritually. How is everyone else? Benny? Matt and Whit look like awesome parents! Man I am so excited to meet Noah! Just another 2 years! Maybe he will have a younger sibling when I get home? Maybe? Hey! I just remembered! Elder Meghan or however you spell it... Sorry I probably butchered that.. He is in my Zone! He is being trained by Elder Cluff! I flew to India with Elder Cluff and he is way cool and a way hard worker! They are both doing really well! Anywho. Thanks for the pics! Keep sending them because I can just copy them to the flashdrive and then get them printed if I need to! Love ya!

Elder Checketts

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