Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Orphanage Service Project

Hey everyone,

So. Solid week. We had some solid lessons. and some solid rain storms. And some solid humidity. Rainy season is intense. We were out in the rain for 30 seconds and we got drenched. Its insane. My shoes didnt dry out for the next 2 days. Awesome. 
This week was good! We have 2 new pretty solid investigators. We will see though. They are pretty cool One of them is Sanjay. And the other is a sister named Sriswari or something like that.. I don't even know. But they are cool Sanjay had a really bad accident while he was working (he is a chef) and he spilled a ton of oil on his hand and it literally fried his hand. He lost 3 fingers and now is completely unusable. Way sad. But he is a really good guy. I am excited to teach him. His entire family are all members so hopefully he will be willing to change. Elders have tried to teach him in the past but I guess he is really shy and just didnt want to talk to them. We will change that! Also I received news that Ravi Teja was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! Man I was so happy to hear about that but I was really sad I couldn't go. 

We had a service project with the branch this week at an orphanage close to our apartment. I was being tempted to make Nacho Libre references but I had to hold back because no one here would understand. Sad. But it was awesome! It was a good opportunity we had to get to know each of the members and to make some good friends! So we didnt know that it would be outside work so we wore normal proselyting clothing. First mistake. We got mud everywhere. It was fun though. We grew a lot closer to the members.

That's basically like everything that happened this week. Pretty sweet. My new hobby is chasing piglets. Im going to catch one. I am determined. Well. Life is good. I am somewhat upset that Germany won the World cup. Its whatever. No one even knows what the world cup is. ridiculous! Well Love ya all. Be good!

Elder Checketts

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