Monday, May 23, 2016


Hey hey hey!

So this was a pretty good week! We were able to teach some solid lessons to our investigators but its still difficult because their families are still saying no to the church. Sister Kamala is having a hard time with that as well. I feel really bad but I know that someday she will be baptized. In all of her prayers she begs Heavenly Father to allow her to be baptized. She is super awesome. Tonight we are teaching 2 new investigators and I am really excited. They are both referrals from a less active family so that is super cool. We will teach the restoration tonight and see how it goes! So kinda of a cool experience. Yesterday We were going to an appointment with a less active family and I couldnt remember exactly where it was. As we were walking I felt like we should stop and I was talking to my companion that I Felt it was really close to here. So then he said okay well lets just walk up this street. as we walked up the road i began to remember different places and it ended up being the exact road we needed to get up in order to reach this house. I couldnt believe it! It was really a miracle we didnt get lost. We dont go to this area very often because its far and costs a lot to get to but we were definitely being guided. Super cool. 

So yeah solid week! We went to the beach today and I got absolutely fried. My face literally looks like a tomato. The next few days will be a little painful but it was worth it cuz we played soccer on the beach!! Sooo fun! I am sooo out of shape though! Yikes! My companion and I have started doing some different workouts in the morning cuz we are both fat. Just kidding I still cant gain weight to save my life. 

So you received my itinerary?? what the heck? I havent even received it! I am going to the police station this week on Wednesday so apply for the extension. Sooo pray for that. Haha Hopefully I will be able to stay until August. If not, Its been real. Anyway. I dont know what the actual temperature is here but it feels like death. Its seriously wayyyy too hot here. but i love it anyway. It rained here for four days straight here last week.I guess there was a cyclone that hit somewhere near to us and we got some pretty awesome lightning storms. Anyway. Thats all. Everything here is going well. especially mango season. Hows everything there? Life is good I hope. Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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