Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Extension request denied

Hi everyone

It was a good but little slow week. It was ridiculously hot this week. it was constantly 41 degrees plus like 35 to 40% humidity so it felt like it was 48. which is like 115 degrees. So its a little warm. Anyway. We had some really good lessons. We had a lot of people bring their friends to church this week so that was awesome. we were able to teach a few of them and we have appointments set with them later this week so we are excited for that. Everything else is going well. We have dropped a lot of our investigators but its a good thing so no worries. We are looking for other people now. We did a lot of street contacting this last week. Haha it didnt work so well.. 95% didnt speak English and the other 5% wasnt interested. Its good though. We probably sweat like 5 liters so its all good.

So this week we are going to Bangaluru again for MLC so we are very excited for that. should be super fun.  annnnd yeah basically it. Haha pretty average week here. Sorry my letters are probably super boring now haha theres just not a whole lot going on. I am going to a members house this week to have her teach me how to make really nice chicken curry so i am stoked for that. Also I need to find someone to teach me biryani. That stuff is celestial food. I am 100% sure that Chicken Dum Biryani is what Heavenly Father eats at least twice a week. I have to learn how to make it before I leave here. Anyway. How is everypne at home? Happy Birthday Dad! I hope its awesome and i hope you creamed everyone else in golf. Just wait til I get home. I will win. 

Well i hope all is well. I guess I will see you all in a couple weeks haha thats weird. Love you all bye

Elder Checketts

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