Monday, October 13, 2014

Chillin in the "Cyclone"

What up!

How is everyone? Life here is going well! We had Sri Laxmis interview over Skype with President Murala. It went well so she will be baptized next week! We are very excited! Also we have a new investigator named Prathyusha, she is set for baptism on the 26th along with Karun Kumar and Ramji. They are all awesome so I am pumped! The trio lives on. We are all doing really well. We laugh a lot and we are working hard! I am really grateful to have Elder Coleman with me as we train this new missionary. It would have been twice as difficult to be the district leader and train by myself. Its awesome though. Elder Larson is a way chill and we are all getting along well! 

So nothing really crazy happened this week. As most of you know India was hit by a cyclone but the majority of it hit Visak. The mission has almost 0 contact with the elders there so we are hoping that they are all safe. Rajahmundry got a little bit of it. I was pretty disappointed. I was hoping I would get to experience something a little more intense. It basically rained for 24 hours straight with a little more intense wind than normal. We still went out and cycled in it. Got soaked. It was good though. 

Man CONFERENCE. Holy. Elder Holland blew my mind. I tried so hard to take good notes this time but I was just stunned the entire time. Elder Bednar's talk was amazing and is something I will definitely use in my missionary work. Also I loved Elder Robbins.. I think that's his name. Saturday morning session. He Gave an amazing talk. Of course Elder Eyring was awesome as well. I could list every single person that spoke. this conference was so good! I loved Uchtdorfs talk that talked about "Lord, Is it I?" way good talk! I could go on and on. Basically my mind exploded on Saturday and Sunday. 

So I had a really cool experience last week. We went to a members house that lived way far away in a small village. He then told us there was a sister in another village about 10 miles away. So we went way the heck out to this tiny village and it was night time so I thought we were going to be eaten by a tiger or something. But We went to the home and she asked me to be the one to give her a blessing. There was a very different spirit about it though. I dont know how to describe it. I dont really remember anything that I said but the spirit was really strong. Later that night when I wrote about it in my journal I had a very distinct impression that I knew her very well in the Premortal existence. It was really cool though. I was really grateful to Heavenly Father for providing that experience. We give a lot of blessings here. I gave I think 4 this week. I love to exercise my priesthood! I invite you all to do the same! Look for opportunities to be able to serve others through it! Its an amazing gift that God has trusted us with. 

Anywho. Life is swell. Send me some sweet pics of life in America. I do miss the weather of Utah. Here its just hot and humid all day everyday! If its less hot then its twice as humid. Ridiculous. Its okay though. Well love ya all. Stay safe. 

Elder Checketts

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