Monday, October 6, 2014

Dirty Life in the Swarem


So we had a solid week of missionary work here in the swarem! My new companions are awesome and love to work so I am way pumped! We set 3 baptism dates this week! Sri Laxmi for next week but thats not positive. She has some concerns that we will have to take care of this week but she is awesome. She reads the BoM  every day! She is progressing really well. That is seriously the best feeling ever. Seeing someone doing everything that Heavenly Father wants them to do and watching the blessings pour into their lives! Satish bunked church so we will have to see whats up with him. He Postponed his baptism because he got a really bad infection in his knee and wont recover for a couple more weeks. We also set his friend Karun Kumar on date but he bunked church as well. We will scold them nicely this week though! I am really excited. 

The new companions are way fun and we all get along really well. We are laughing all of the time! I cant send a photo yet because my camera is being a jew again. Its okay. I have been thinking about selling it and buying a new one. But we will see. I didnt really have any new crazy experiences this week. The same old stuff. Buses driving on sidewalks. Naked homeless people. Cows, Dogs, and pigs everywhere. I don't know. all of that just seems normal now. Its so weird. So I just got my papers to apply for a second passport to go to the Phillipines. I leave on January 27th. I will be flying to Hyderabad in a month or two to visit the US embassy. Soo pumped. I hear that they have real Mcdonalds there so that will be my first order of business! 

Dont tell me about conference yet! I havent seen it! Here they record it and then show it a week later! I am soo excited! I cant even begin to describe my feelings towards said event.

Well this week was swell. There were a bunch of hindu festivals this week so there were huge crowds of people dancing and playing drums. Its sweet! I wish Americans partied like the Indians do! Except for the alcohol. Holy shnikies its everywhere. I have been in autos when they were completely wasted and they somehow drive like a professional driver. it explains the traffic here though. They are all drunk all the time so  it just works! Anywho. love yaaaa be safe.

Elder Checketts

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