Monday, September 22, 2014

Transfer Calls


Big news! Transfer calls have come. they have definitely come. It feels like Christmas. Us sitting at the top of the stairs and Dad with a video camera telling us that Santa definitely came but he wont let us come and see yet. Anywho. I am staying in the dirty swarem! Big surprise... But. I will be flying to Bangalore with Elder Eames tomorrow to pick up my new companions! yes companionS! I have been put into a trio! I am so excited! Ryan you are not going to believe who one of them is! Elder Coleman! Crazy! He and a new elder will be coming to Dowleswarem with me and Elder Coleman and I will be training together! I was also made the district leader. But I am so excited! Elder Coleman is a way cool guy. I flew from London to Bangalore with him. So that will be fun! 

This week was a slow one. We visited a lot of members this week and we were just at Satishs home. I think we have convinced him to be baptized, receive the priesthood and then be able to baptize his friend (Karun Kumar) Way cool. We have had a few of the less actives coming back to church so that is awesome. I was happy to see that a lot of the members helped fellowship them. We have received a few referrals this week so hopefully we will be able to see them by the end of the week. I will be in Bangalore until thursday so there wont be any elders in our area for a while. I am way excited for the next transfer though. I am hoping that we will be able to get a lot of work done! This area has a lot of potential.

So since it was a slow week I figured I would share somethiing that I found while studying. I was asked to give a small talk in a district meeting on the Christlike attribute of Virtue. So I was led to a scripture in D&C i think its section 25 verse 2.. Not positive on that one... But it talks about walking in the paths of virtue and I was wondering what those paths were which led me to the 2nd book of Peter chapter 1 verses like 4 to 9 or somewhere around there. But it talks about adding to your faith virtue, virtue knowledge,knowledge temperance and so on. Then I realized what the chapter was about and Peter is talking about having your calling and elect made sure... Pretty cool that its starts with faith and virtue! Something we can all work on! Anywho. Life is swell. Lemme know whats going on at home!

Elder Checketts 

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