Monday, September 8, 2014

Ganesh is Going in the River

Well. Another week gone by. Not too much happened this week. I have been a little sick for the past week and its not going away. Its great. But I have had this happen before while I was in first branch here. It lasts for like 2 weeks and then dies. So hopefully it goes away soon!
This week we visited a lot of members and made a lot of them some Kaja! Some people here dont like it because its not spicy. Ridiculous. Most people like it though. We made like 80 pieces the other day and it took forever! But it was worth it. So Ganesh festival is starting to wind down to its close when everyone takes their 30,000 rupee Ganesh statue to the river and drop it in. and thats the end of it! Kinda weird and a major waste of money! Its insane. The one I sent of picture of was 30,000 rupees which is like 500 dollars. Crazy. We are gonna try and go with them to throw it in the river!
Ganesh Statue is in center and parents are Shiva and Swamy
Investigators are good! Satish is scheduled for baptism on the 14th! So hopefully that works out. So it Sister Laxmi. We will see though. We have just been visiting a lot of members this week so nothing really new happened. Church was awesome we had like 8 investigators come! Crazy! It was awesome. All is well here. I dont really have much else goin on. The usual missionary work. Life is well. Love ya all. Church is true.

Elder Checketts

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