Sunday, September 14, 2014

Becoming Batman

So I had some pretty wild experiences this week! It was a busy week as well! Satish passed his interview for baptism but decided that he wanted to be baptized next month with his best friend. Problem is that his best friend isnt coming to church or has any interest. Kinda weird. So we talked about it with our BML and he recommended that we have him be baptized and then he can get the priesthood to baptize his friend. We will see if he likes that! I think he will. Satish is an awesome guy. Also Sister Laxmi is doing very well. She doesnt speak very much english but she is progressing all the time. She reads and prays everyday now. She still has a hard time understanding why we do any of this. I think thats the hard part about teaching someone from a hindu backround. They have no idea what any of this is! Kinda crazy. I havent seen the Brommen family for a while. They speak 0 english so its really hard to talk to them. My companion Elder Eames is from Salem Oregon.. He finishes his mission next week sooooo yeah. We are getting transfer calls tonight and I will find out who my new companion is! I will most likely be staying here in the dirty swarem.
So. Story. It was Monday night. We had just finished our P-day and we bought material to stitch ties with. We took it to a members home because she has a sewing machine and its nice. So we were there and I was just talking to the sister while Eames was stitching away. Then all of a sudden a bat few into the room. It started to dive at us every other second so I was like man we gotta get rid of this thing! The sister was like okay I will do it no problem. So sure enough, she turns on the flippin ceiling fan! The bat dodged it like 3 times and then the fan did its unwarranted job and nailed the bat right in my direction. I was sitting on the floor against a wall. And my rice belly has affected my ability to move quickly. So I was looking around and couldnt see it anywhere. And then I saw a giant black mass clingling onto my knee. I am pretty sure all of their neighbors heard my screams. So the Mom came over and grabbed her broom and grabbed the end and squashed it in between the little bristle things. then threw it out. The three sisters and brother in the room made fun of me for the next 10 to 15 minutes. I now have a spiritual bond with Batman. I understand him more fully now and have a greater appreciation for him. I know exactly how he feels. Solid day. Almost got rabies.
Second Story. Satish our investigator invited us to a Ganesh festival party type thing where they do a little dance and then put the Ganesh in a truck and take it to the river. So we were like yeah okay. Upon our arrival we were walking through a small crowd when all of a sudden some drunk hindu came up behind me and covered my face in purple paint. My "companion" abandoned me to this destruction and ran a safe distance away while a fought my way through. Luckily. we decided to wear casual clothing before the event occurred because there was purple paint everywhere! (It came out though dont worry) But my face was a solid shade of purple for the next 2 or 3 days. It was great. Solid week.
Other than that nothing new! The weather is getting much better and the food got a little spicier. Its fine though. I am happy. I am somewhat healthy... My diet is probably really unhealthy but I dont have much of a choice. We eat like 1 kg of rice everyday. maybe more. I dunno. I had bajji this morning so I am happy. I learned how to make chicken curry! Sort of.. Not really. I just watched. But I learned a lot! We will be experiementing this week and I will let you know how that goes. Wish us luck.
Someone here told me there were bombs going on in america? I dunno. People here see the name Obama and think there is a giant bomb going off haha. Sounds like things are pretty crazy over there. How is everyone else doing? I am writing a letter home so let me know if it reaches you!
Love you all

Elder Checketts

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