Monday, March 24, 2014

Breaking a window to meet someone new!

What up everyone!

So! This week was way way slow! but it was good at the same time. We went tracting this week and it was pretty sweet! We were told that we have been brainwashed a number of times! Also we were told that this world was better off without us annoying everyone. Pretty sweet. I'm starting to enjoy when people yell at us. Is that bad? 

Elder Golden and Elder Call of the Seventy met with us on Friday! It was so good! Elder Golden is awesome! He is so funny and way smart! He knows like everything there is to know about the scriptures and has done tons of studies on Joseph Smith! He was awesome! He answered a lot of our questions and talked about how personal righteousness is directly related to how strong your faith is. It was way cool. He talked about how to get investigators to church and how satan will make sure that everything that can go wrong that morning will go wrong the morning that they are going to come so we need to go over to their house and support them and help them through it. Its was a really good talk!

We were supposed to have a lesson with the P Family this week but either they didn't answer the door or something urgent came up because we went back a couple of times on Saturday and they weren't there for the time we scheduled. Pretty lame. We also had to cancel our lesson with the V Vs. We couldnt find a male member to come with us. I guess Thursday night here is way busy.. I dont even know. We had a RC lesson with J. She is solid. We talked about the commandments and she understands them so well it is ridiculous. President Galbreath asked her to speak in church about tithing and she did a better job than most members could have done. Shes awesome. We also taught J, hes and autistic son of one of the members. and hes 9 years old. He is a great kid and has an awesome heart. Everytime I have heard him pray he has never asked anything for himself and is always asking for others to be blessed. He is an awesome example to me!

Man guess what happened last week while golfing!?!? I BROKE SOMEONES WINDOW!! So crazy! hahaha what are the odds! It was possibly the worst hit I've had in my life. So heres the wondrous story of the week...

We were on the 9th and last hole of the course. The wind had picked up quite a bit but we were determined to at least hit Par once. As I set my tee in the ground. I knew this would be a wonderful hit. and I was right. haha it sliced a little bit but it went way far and I was pumped. So when we got up to where my ball was. it had bounced out into the rough. which was okay because the hole had a dog-leg to the right. so I of course grab my 6 iron like any pro golfer would, lined up my shot, and hit the most beautifully disastrous shot Ive ever had. it shot off the side of my club and went bouncing around a couple of houses. We didnt hear any glass break so I was then relieved of the sickening feeling my stomach had each time we heard the ball it a different house (I counted 3). Anywho. I took a drop and continued to the green when all of a sudden an angry male came out of his house and called, "would like like your ball back?" I thought about saying no but I decided to go and talk to him. He was holding the ball that I destroyed. I apologized and told him I would pay for it, he then looked at my name tag and his expression changed a little bit and said that it would probably cost around 10 dollars to get the glass. I was kinda like what? but then I said okay, we exchanged Info and I came to know him as Miles. What a guy. We went back to his house a few days later and he said that it was fine and there was no need to pay anything because he decided to do something different with the window anyway. WHEW!! What a blessing! haha! He is actually a way nice guy and I hope to be able to go and see him a few more times! 

Sooo yeah. Good times. I am pumped to go golfing again. we are going bowling today so hopefully I dont break anything. 

Well I hope everyone is well! I hope you have missionary experiences out the wazoo. No news on the visa. but I am sure that it is coming. I have been thinking about thaat a little bit for the past week. I thought about how instead of me not being ready for India, They arent ready for me. I thought about how the Lord is preparing people over there in different ways to receive the gospel. Solid. Love you all! the church is true and I know it with everything that I am. I love the blessing of this gospel and the knowledge it brings. I love Jesus Christ and am eternally grateful for his atoning sacrifice. I made a goal this week to bear my testimony of Christ every day. As I have done that it has grown immensely.


Elder Checketts

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