Monday, March 17, 2014

This week in Ritzville


This week was alright! We were able to teach a few lessons and did a lot of service! Pretty sweet! So we were able to teach the VP and is wife about the Book of Mormon! It went pretty well and they committed to pray and read it! pretty sweet! They have had some crazy experiences! There in some crazy fire and barely got out alive! They are going through a really tough time but they are way nice people. We also taught the VVs. They have had some really bad experiences with some unworthy priesthood holders so we are working with them to see that they are not all bad! We are teaching the Mom who just started getting back into things and has been coming back to church for about a month now. and her daughter who was divorced and has 2 awesome kids that are both really young. We are working with them! Also a member has asked us to start teaching his autistic son who is now nine years old. I guess he just wants his son to understand everything better before he gets baptized. pretty sweet.

So like usual it was a pretty slow week. We were ale to help a catholic family move. They are good people. Their son is a convert and served a mission but they aren't too interested. We help a lot at the library and its good! We have gotten a good relationship with her so that's is good! 

The people here love beer and they love to smoke. Pretty sweet. Sorta. It smells terrible. The woman above us has parties with her friends every Friday and Saturday night and we can always smell the beer from upstairs. I'm just glad they don't smoke!

I don't really know what else to say. Everything here is really slow. This week was really hard to get through for me. I got an email from my MTC comp last week that said he had received his visa and was leaving the first week of April. I was pretty depressed after that but I have been trying to stay positive. We had interviews with the president last Friday and that was solid. He is a strict guy but he is good. I am going golfing today and I am so pumped you don't even know. I am probably going to break someones window but if that happens maybe it will give us an excuse to share the gospel and tell them about forgiveness.... 

My comp and I spoke in church yesterday... pretty sweet. I spoke on our duties as members of the church and how loving one another makes doing those duties makes life much easier! My comp spoke on enduring to the end and he did a really good job! Solid. 

It gets greener and greener everyday here! There still absolutely nothing out here... but the grass is getting greener which is nice. Its so windy here. All the time!

 Well all is well here and we are looking for more service to do everyday! I hope all is well there! Let me know how things are going! Thanks for those letters Dad! They were awesome! How is the play Dad? 

Mom! Since you have a very intense knowledge of the deep doctrines of our church I was wondering if you could send my comp and I some cool deep doctrinal studies that you have learned! We are going to start meeting with one of the members and have deep doctrinal study once a week! So that would be sweet!

Well I love you all and I am doing well! This Church is true and I know it with everything that I am! I cannot believe how quickly I have seen my prayers answered and I am growing tons everyday! 

Elder Checketts

Picture - me with a sweet muscle car that VP Restored,

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