Friday, April 11, 2014

Monday April 7th: On My Way!!

Holy cow I am freaking out! I am leaving on a plane to India! What the heck! I have never been out of the country what the heck am I doing! I am terrified but so excited at the same time. I am somewhat frustrated because they haven't given me any information. the only thing they told me is to be at the mission office by noon and that my flight leaves at 3:30. So yeah. I will probably be able to call from the airport so stand by. I have no idea what the heck is going on this is crazy. but I am pumped out [of my mind]. My last shower in the US was a short one. we didn't have very much hot water. Also I took my last drink of cow milk. It was beautiful. 

So this week was like the slowest week of my life. I feel like the call when I got my visa was forever ago. Also like nothing happened. We were able to do a lot of service which was awesome. Oh! on Friday we went and helped this older couple who aren't members with their yard. we were there for like 6 hours and I was exhausted. but when we finished the guy gave us a bag filled with pork chops, a huge ham, bacon, and something else I don't even know but I guess they had just killed one of their pigs and it was fresh. we have no idea how to cook up a ham. but we took it anyway. I will let my companion figure that out! He is staying in Ritzville and I guess he knows the elder that is coming so that is good. 

I am somewhat sad that I am leaving Ritzville because we just barely got comfortable there and the members just started to open up to us and they are way awesome so its kind of hard but I am grateful for what I've been able to learn this transfer in the large town of Ritzville. 

Ohhh myyy gosh! Conference was amazing. probably the best couple of days of my entire life. Okay maybe not but it was awesome. So many great talks! I think one of my favorites was Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Seventy during priesthood session! Also Elder Zwick gave an awesome talk during the saturday morning session! Of course I loved all of the apostles talks and President Uchtdorf never ceases to amaze me! It was awesome! I loved it!

Anywho. yeah. The church is true. I did get that package and it was awesome! I needed that! Also the package the Matt and Whit sent was sweet! I am pumped to get on the plane now and have a lot to do! Also! I finished Jesus the Christ the other day and it was awesome. It gives such a great description of the Saviors life! I have learned so much about Christ that I didnt understand before! I love to learn about him! I have also taken Moms advice and I have been reading Moroni chapter 7 everyday! Its amazing how I learn something new every single time! So cool! I love the Book of Mormon! There are so many verses that stick out at different times and even after you think you have understood every single concept in that verse a new one pops up! Awesome!

Well. I love you all and I am so grateful for all of your support! I have definitely felt the effects of your prayers and I am so grateful for them! so thank you! Next time I write it will be from India! Whoa! So crazy to think about! 
Its been real America.

Elder Zach Checketts

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