Friday, March 14, 2014

What a bash!

I sent Zach a blanket, extra ties and other needed items in the colder climate there and he responded about it in this letter.

What is up? Everything here is going really well!... Well for Ritzville it is.. It is so hard to get even one lesson in our week! Its slow here. My comp and I are getting along really well. Its sweet. We sing Taylor Swift songs all the time. Im pretty sure that the woman living above us thinks that we are gay. Ha ha.

So! I had my first experience with a Jehovah Witness. This woman is crazy. But it was so awesome. We had an answer for almost everything she asked. it was ridiculous. When we sat down in her house she opened up her JW Bible and on the first page she had like 30 questions about Mormons written down. I was about to ask if the only thing they do in church is try to disprove Mormons in any way possible. But we held our ground pretty well! I shared the restoration with her and the spirit was so strong! I dont think she felt it cuz right after I was done she opened her bible back up and went after us again. Her husband is way cool though. He was a member but he went less active. He was way cool! He asked for a copy of the BoM and said he wanted to read it again! Also he told us he might stop by our building on Sunday! Pretty sweet. He said he just wanted physical evidence that all of it was true. I was like look at the book you are holding! I was so happy. I hope he reads and prays about it and comes back to church! Pretty sweet!

After that wonderfully beautiful experience, we went to Sergio's house and he was helping some people clean their apartment upstairs, and by helping I mean doing it by himself. So of course! We helped him out and we got to know him really well! He has been through a really rough life. I felt so bad for him. He is one of the nicest, most sincere guys I have ever met. He loves his kids so much but his ex-wife hardly ever let him see them. She lives out in Spokane and if he wants to see them he has to go out there and pick them up and then take them back. He has 3 little girls and I met one of them. She is 11 I think and is pretty funny. He is an awesome guy and wants to do the right thing but has a really hard time making commitments. Im going to challenge him like hes never been challenged before. Im pumped.

So I dunno if I told you about Jennifer S? She was baptized the week before we got here and she is awesome! Everyone here tells us that if they had been told 5 years ago that she would join the Church than they would just laugh and call you a moron. Haha so cool. She understands things better than I do! Its crazy! She grew up here and knows literally everything there is to know about Ritzville. I have no idea how she stayed here her whole life.  

How is everything at home? How is Benny?? I miss that mutt. He is hilarious. Has he been good? Also how is the rest of the Fam? Are you all healthy? happy? Is dad a millionaire yet? send me some pics of the fam! Also Matt And Whit! Whats up? How is MC Dos? Hope everything is going well with you guys! Chris how is school?? Tim? Ryan? Brothas? Is it way warm there? Its getting better here. slowly but surely. We live right next to the Ritzville golf course! I am so pumped to go golf! The Kiel family said we could use their clubs! Hopefully I dont break any windows.... 

Well all is well here. My zone is ginormous. like 28 people! There are some way funny Elders out here! I am pumped to ball hard with them later today. I will send some pics in a separate email. let me know how everyone is doing! Also that package was awesome! Thank you! I sleep warm now and its so nice! Also! My comp like pooped his pants when he saw the Mountain Dew! We drank almost all of it! Thanks! No news on any visa. still depressed but I am confident I was called there for a reason and that my visa will arrive soon. Love you all!

Elder Checketts

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