Monday, August 4, 2014

Friendship Day


So! Pretty crazy week. Sort of. Maybe just the past 2 days. We are teaching a sister named Prasana and she is way cool. Probably the happiest person I have ever met. She has 2 kids that are insane and they scream like none other. Its great during lessons! But she really likes our church. Unfortunately her husband doesn't, and in India the Husband has the say in what she does/thinks/wears/eats/everything. Its sometimes good, most of the time bad. We are trying to teach him as well but he isn't very receptive. working on it! The Bremen guy and his wife are good. We are having problems with the language barrier. more to come on that. But they are very humble and very nice people. I am still terrified of him though. 
Breakfast Bajji!

Yesterday was a crazy day. It was "friendship day" when everyone gives each other bands that say friend on it. pretty cool. But on that day. After church, we were cycling home and all of a sudden an Auto flipped in front of us. We were fine, but one of our church member families was inside. The mom and brothers were fine but one of the daughters was pretty badly hurt. The auto was on top of her ankle so everyone helped lift it off and there was a lot of blood but we weren't sure if it was fractured. They took her to a hospital near and wrapped it up but they didn't know for sure if it was broken. Most hospitals here are junk by the way. Anywho. They took her to a different hospital and thats all we were told. Then on our way to an investigators home we cycle right next to the godavri river. All of a sudden we see like 5 men run over to to the side so we were like what the heck. We went over and there was a body floating down the river and someone had jumped in after it. When they got it to the side They set him down and did some cpr and he started breathing. I guess in the end it was an attempted suicide. Kinda crazy! The other elders in our branch witnessed a bike crash that was pretty bad. Wild day. Friendship day.

Today we went to a really famous Christian church about an hour away from Rajahmundry. It was kinda weird but awesome. People would walk up this giant staircase and at the top there is a cross with Jesus on it. When they reach the top they kneel at the bottom and touch their hands to His feet and back to there foreheads. It was pretty apostate but interesting. There were some way cool buildings! One of the member families took us! It was way cool! Pics coming! But yeah. Good stuff. This week I was studying from Mosiah 3 and 4. Man King Benjamin. He is a beast. Love that man. I love that he talks about our own nothingness compared to god. And calls us unworthy creatures. It really makes you see why humility is so important and is stressed so much. Solid. 

Also. This week was kind of different as well. I was given the privilege to give around 8 priesthood blessings. It was pretty humbling but I am so grateful for that opportunity. I am so grateful for the priesthood and its capabilities. Each and every single time I have the chance to give a blessing it increases my faith and understanding. Sometimes I say things that I feel I don't have control over. That's when I know its the spirit talking and not me. I am eternally grateful for the Holy Ghost and the guidance it gives in all of our lives. I am reminded everyday of the importance of being a worthy priesthood holder. Its a very big responsibility. Heavenly Father Trusts us enough to hold it. Always strive to live worthy of it.

Well. All is well here. I about burned my mouth off with some curry that had too many peppers in it the other night. I wanted to cry. The sprayer is still wonderful. Mom and Dad. That is an investment we should make...... I'm serious... Anywho. How is everyone? Sorry that the flu is going around. Hope you all feel better! Love ya Miss ya.

Elder Checketts 

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