Monday, August 25, 2014

Miracle Sunday!


Well another wonderful week in India! I hope all of yours were great as well! I am sorry about Dads car! That was a beautiful piece of machinery. I will definitely miss it. When I tell people here that almost every member of my family has their own car it blows their minds. So I have to learned to refrain from talking about America to people. Most people here have either a bike or a couple of cycles. Only wealthy people have a car and usually its only one. Something that has once again made me very grateful for what I have been blessed with. Its amazing to see how little these people have. A/C is something that isnt very common. You usually have to pay an extra 20 rupees to sit in an A/C section of a restaurant or something like that. Our church here is known as "The A/C Church." Haha something kind of funny but also something we need to try and stop! Man that is weird that Tim is going to High School. What the heck. Man. Have fun! Those were some good times! 

Soo Sunday was a Beautiful and Glorious day. Man, All those terrible Sundays of having 0 investigators come was made worth it! I dont know what happened. Heavenly Father answered our prayers. There we were in Sacrament meeting, awaiting another Telagu filled, Investigatorless Sunday. I am over exaggerating. Its not that bad. Anyway. We were sitting there and as the meeting got started we noticed that we had like 30 recent converts there, 12 less actives and 3 inactive members. then when they opened the doors back up after the sacrament was administered, 6 of our investigators walked in. It was like a heavenly manifestation that our prayers had been answered. I would relate it to the experience in the movie The Best Two Years when he prays that the man he contacted would call, and as he said that the phone rang! It was awesome. I was pretty stoked. We also received 4 referrals from members and we were able to teach them that same day. They are coming straight from a Hindu backround and the Mothers name is Sri Lackshmi. She was the most intent on listening, but they are awesome. I have met like 400 women named lackshmi. Lackshmi is the Hindu God of money.... Sooooo. Yeah. They have a holiday here only devoted to doing pooja to Lackshmi. it might be spelled Laxmi... I don't know. Good stuff. I am learning a lot about Hindu Gods and their stories. Some are the weirdest thing I have ever heard. No offense to Hinduism, Its just different. There are some interesting stories though. I havent been able to visit the Brommen family. Since Elder Eames and I are covering the entire branch we got a lot busier and we are having a hard time keeping everything organized. This branch needs a lot of help. I have heard of Elders here being made the Branch president because no one else in the branch could do it... I hope that doesnt happen here.... 

The main problem with teaching Hindus is that they hate the British for ruling over them and "corrupting" their customs so they dont really like Christians. Once we teach them the Plan of Salvation something inside them seems to click and they say "oh.. That makes sense." A good example is the story of Ammon. Teaching a people that had no idea who or what God was but they have some sort of an idea about a great spirit. Pretty cool how the Book of Mormon has an answer for everything. Also. I finished Jesus the Christ again. Holy crap I love that book. Its amazing. Everyone should read it. next to a dictionary. Its so good though.

Well. Thats about it. I still have yet to catch a piglet. Those things could beat any Olympic runner. Or maybe I am just getting fatter. I cant find a weight scale anywhere here. They are around but hard to find. Life is good. Keep smiling. The Lord always answers our prayers. If only we have the eyes to see! Love ya Miss ya!

Elder Checketts

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