Sunday, June 14, 2015

Off to the Hospital


So this week was a little bit slower than past weeks. We had a lot of people bunk on us and a lot of people tell us that we couldn't come anymore. But its okay. We still found new investigators and they are great. I hope that we can continue to find and teach and teach when we find. Anyway. We found a new family. Just a young couple with a little girl. Awesome people. I really hope to see them progress here. We started searching for some of the long lost less actives in our area and we found one sister that stopped coming to church after her husband past away. she is way nice and still believes the church is true but works. I think she is definitely ready to come back. This week we had a big stake conference and some general authorities addressed us over a broadcast. We also got to hear Elder Anderson speak. He gave a great talk on choosing to be the one to help. It was really good. Then they started showing Meet the Mormons after and all the missionaries were so excited but then the President called and said Missionaries can't stay. kinda sad but its okay. After the mission. 

Well yeah that was this week. We have baptisms scheduled for July but not much happening in June. No news on any visa. Not sure whats going on. Its okay though. So today I am going to Manila to the hospital there. I guess they will do some tests there and see if they can figure out the problem so I dont have much time. Hopefully it goes well. I am sure they will be able to figure it out. And yeah. Haha thats about all thats going on this week. We are having mission tour and Elder Bowen will be coming to our mission so I am really excited for that. It will be good! Well thanks for everything. All those that are praying and helping me and my family in any way Thank you so much. Love you all have a great week.

Elder Checketts

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